Alamonia Town

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  • On approaching Clyde

Clyde: Welcome to Alamonia, stranger. I am the constable here. I see you disregarded my warning about visiting this town.

  • On clicking Mission

Clyde: Bandits have been increasing their attacks on this town. We need able mecha pilots to go out into the desert and fight them.

  • On clicking Desert?

Clyde: It's very easy to get lost in the shifting desert sands. The towns coordinates are uploaded to your mecha nav system.There are some abandoned mecha repair stations out there if you're lucky enough to find them. Also, the bandits have stashed tons of treasure out there. Anything you find is yours for the keeping. The more bandits you destroy, the more reputation you will earn in this town. So, are you ready to brave the desert sands?

  • On clicking Mecha

Clyde: These mecha models are now available to you.

  • On clicking Talk

Clyde: Strange things have been happening here lately. Most people are blaming Drakels... but I'm not so sure about that.They don't usually interfere with out affairs... but there are some uncanny coincidences.We are located near a large deposit of Crystallized Dragon's Breath, An extremely powerful energy source.Lately, our mines have been experiencing strange shortages.Also, recently our ambassadors to Khaeldron have gone missing! Khaeldron is Drakel territory. The rumor is out that the Drakels are behind everything.People are starting to take the law into their own hands. So we have had our hands full lately! There's plenty of opportunity if you are willing to get your hands dirty out in the desert.

  • On approaching Amalthea

Amalthea: Welcome to Alamonia, stranger! Talk to Clyde, over by the town hall if youre looking for adventure.

  • On approaching Jhaek-Ha and Arin-Ha

Jhaek-Ha: Unfortunately, the train is running late. We really need to get back to Khaedron.

Arin-Ha: Late? It hasn't come for three days! I'm starting to get scared. The locals are becoming increasingly hostile.

  • On clicking 'Mission'

Jhaek-Ha: Something must have happened to that hover train!

Arin-Ha: It is NEVER late...

  • On clicking Talk

Arin-Ha: We came here as guests to Ambassador Stallione, but he disappeared three days ago... when the train stopped coming.

Jhaek-Ha: I believe we have been set up! The council at Khaeldron will demand answers for this madness!

Arin-Ha: ...That is if they ever let us leave this town!

  • On clicking 'Comm'

Lisa: You're clear to beam up! Would you like to leave this planet?

Other Information

1: You can access your Mecha Hanger through Clyde by clicking 'Mission', then 'Mecha Hanger'.

2: The 'Battle' button sends you on the Desert Wanderer mission.

3: To leave Westion and return to Lore click the 'Comm' button and then the 'Beam up' button.

4.Alamonia Bug Invasion has started!Battle button replaced with War! button The war has ended on June 26th, 2008.

5.Jhaek-Ha and Arin-Ha will disappear from Alamonia after you ride the train to Khaeldron. They can then be found in Khaeldron and all their shops can be accessed from them there.

Directions on How To Get Here

From Soluna City center go East three scenes to the Starship. Enter the Starship and talk to Lisa. Click the button labeled Starmap then click on the planet labeled Westion. When asked if you're sure you want to travel to Westion click Yes. After the cutscene you will arrive in the town of Alamonia.
Alamonia Town
A desert town
Location Info
Level Required: 1
Location: Westion
Connected Areas:
SC Needed: No
Notes: The second in-game Town/City
Shops and NPCs