Arthurian Bull

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Resistance 1: Immobility: 70
Resistance 2: None
Resistance 3: None
Enemy Type: Equippable
Default Special Abilities: None
Attack 1: -25 to Defense for 4 turns & -30 to Bonus to Hit for 4 turns Armor Breach & Targeting Jammed
Attack 2: Damage increased over time (+10% per turn) Intense focus
Attack 3: Chance to have damage increased by random amount [1]
Attack 4: Chance to have +20 to Hit bonus. DOT Damaged Wiring
Attack 5: None
Attack 6: None


Attack 1: Jump kicks into your mech into a backwards somersault.

Attack 2: Sends a beam of white light and your mech and cause to glow blue and white.

Attack 3: Shoot from front arm mace at your mech and engulfs your mech in yellow and white light.

Attack 4: Shoot from front shoulder at your mech in a crouching position right in front our mech and engulf your mech in a white glow.