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Welcome to "How to Become Uber" by Sputnix and with help by other users and Peanut Master for the weapon and mecha guide. This guide is for Star Captains and free players, though I may forget some things. [P.S. the on the ship stuff may have changed since the gamma testing so if some has seen if it changed edit the first part of the guide and if you want to say I helped you just post it cause I just want to get feed back and to know at least one person got help]

If you have any questions post them here or on my discussion page here

The Dropship

Beginner Weapons

Some information: Click anywhere to walk around. Click the left and right edges of the screen to enter different screens. Walking toward a important NPC will result in talking to the NPC. 2 screens right is the front of the ship, where Captain Sys Zero and Worsh, the pilot, is located. Sys Zero can send you down to Soluna City or let you battle a strong mecha when you are level 3, while Worsh can let you fly the ship. 1 screen left introduces a pink-haired girl named Tek, which sells parts and mecha.

Note: Now that you can leave the ship at Level 1, this is not necessary. However, it is highly recommended for training and for an intro to the game. Also, the enemies stop scaling at level 2, so it won't become too hard. You may also come back to the ship at anytime by talking to Admina, in the starting area of Soluna City.

First of all, take a look at the arcade machine in the ship's dock, or your starting place. Walk toward it and click on the "Play" button besides Alex, the guy with blue hair. I suggest to start using the "Battle Random" button in the game machine till you have 1000 credits. (This may take a long time, so you can also use the battle button by exiting the game and clicking on "Battle" in the lower left-hand corner.) Then, buy the Retractable Rifle, 750 Credits (7-17 DMG) or N-00B Missile (4x) (8-16 DMG, 1000 Credits). Save up for either the Used Gatling Gun for 175 credits, or the Smokey Flame Thrower for 190 credits. The Flame Thrower does less initial damage, but DOTs your opponent, doing 15-25 damage total over a course of 5 turns. You should have the above weapons and can use them by clicking the "Equip" button. You might also want to invest in a Salvaged Pulse Laser or the Double Autogun. If you are SC you might want to buy the SC Staredown head, it's has not a too powerful attack, but at least you get one extra "damage slot".

Leveling 1-3

The best place to start leveling is to use the Assault Mecha arcade game to level to about level 2. However, piloting the ship also earns some decent experience, if you're bored. Once level 2 you can level up by using the battle button, or if you have a decent weapon.

Uber Weapons On The Ship

Now if you have done like I said, Star Captains should have enough credits to buy the Crusader's Shining Repeater for 3000 credits. If not, keep battling for more credits, which is called farming, by the way. Start saving up for the Dragontooth Chaingun for 1200 credits. There is no point in keeping your old weapons like your previous back arm, since you can't change Mecha parts during battle so sell them. As for Mecha heads, there is no major difference between all of them. Either don't buy one or choose one that looks good to you, although the Wolf's Head is the best statistically (If SC get the Head listed above.)

Leveling 4+

Now that you're almost done, you should level up once more, to 4. Do Sys-Zero's "Strange Blip" quest when you have the uber weapons I have listed. Although you don't need them or an upgraded mecha, it's best to have a good set-up so you can farm the battle faster. Defeating the Rifle Master gives 260 credits along with 13 experience.

Upgraded Mecha Armor

Now you have some good weapons, it's the time to save up for a better mecha. I suggest that you buy one when you land, because I believe that on the ship, you can only get the F2P Katana v1.0 or the SC Battle Hammer v1.0. They're okay, but there's MUCH better mecha out there, so save your money until you land for the Wolfblade/Mystraven/Runehawk House Mecha [or the F2P versions]. If you have the Nova Gems, you could also get the Kurosawa or Battle Hammer v2.0.

Uber Check Before You land

To be a Ship Uber you must have: N-00B Missile (4x), Crusader's Shining Repeater, Dragontooth Chaingun, and a different head. To be a REAL Uber you must have some sort of combo down below.

If you are a Non-SC Uber, you should have a N-00B Missile (4x), a Double Autogun or Salvaged Pulse Laser, a different head, a Newbatron V1337, and either Smokey Flame Thrower or Used Gatling Gun, depending on if you want to hit every turn.

Soluna City

Woot you landed! Well for us players who played from the beginning it was a long awaited update. O.K. first thing is take the test and...well, you'll find out. So now you are a student well you need some help well here it is.

The Quests

  • Energy Blades 101 - It is easy to beat the enemies, but it's harder to go up in ranks, because you only get +4 bonus from the uniform. So do this when you're bored. Remember, though, to shop at Light's Sabers every now and then, because what Master Tsuba gives you probably won't be enough.
  • Mecha Combat 101 - Don't bother with this until you get the Battle Hammer v2.0 or better. It makes sense that struggling with this at lower levels is completely unnecessary.
  • Pizza Delivery - if you are still in the starter mech, then this is a good job, since if you have the level 4 weapons you can do well. I suggest that this is the first thing you do so you can get some cash for better weapons. Also when you hit level 18 skill just keep at it cause with all the stuff on you have +20 it took me a couple weeks till I hit over 100 so don't get mad.
  • Police Officer- If you still have the starter mech then you cannot fight the werewolves or the chickens, but everything else can still be taken down. You can't do the last missions with your starter mech. Last missions are impossible if you at least don't have a lvl 5 mech.
  • Ghost Buster- You need a better mech then a Newbatron if are doing this. Anyways this is pretty hard with Kurosawa so get a really good mecha. It is possible, but very hard. Also, you should get a better ghost catcher (I suggest the 50% if SC but there is a 100% {it may be rare when you read this} but if you want to spend 200 nova gems that's fine with me.) which makes leveling in skills easier.
  • The Hospital - The enemies are scaled to your mecha's level so everyone can do this. But with Alien Autopsy you can complete it quickly (it's also a good farming spot for lower levels, especially XP if you're over level 5.) You can also do the mecha fighting (which includes the delivery) and the Shadowscythe attack on the hospital. I suggest avoiding the helicopter minigame since it takes a long time and gives very little extra exp and credits.
    • Other hospital quests- The last 2 quests are good training quests, but NanoQuest takes a LONG time to heal your mecha. Behind Enemy Lines has many good mechas but only 6 heals and some Energy Blade fights.
  • House Quest 1: Pandora's Labyrinth- Avoid running into enemies at all costs unless you are going for money a second time around. At level 15, it brings in a minimum of 1500 credits, plus 1200 credits for beating the Mino-Ton, plus some credits for every other enemy you defeat. Break down: Quest credits = 100 x Current Level, usually 400 credits for most enemies defeated.
    • House Mechs- Undoubtedly, the House mechs (Runehawk, Wolfblade, Mystraven) are some of ]]the most powerful mechs, for both SCs and free players. Stockpiling should be commenced early on, as even the level 12 version costs 100,000. They have high health and energy, in general, and have default weapons better than most shop weapons. Also it has been confirmed that upgrades for credits and nova gem versions will come out every once and a while so when a much stronger mech comes, expect a big fee for a upgrade. At level 25 the house mecha's got a new design.
  • The Museum- A hard quest, but with a house mecha and some very strong weapons you can get through it. Currently, there are 3 quests: Jungle Ruins, Desert Ruins and Underwater Ruin. Here you fight one mech, either a dinosaur or a Shadowscythe, depending on your level. You'll fight a dinosaur if higher and Shadowscythe if lower. It has been noted that the desert quest skips the mech fight. The dinosaurs are very tough but possible to overcome, if you can get a low-level mech with high level weapons equipped. Once the mech is defeated, enter the temple and encounter some traps. The jungle one is self-explanatory but the desert one is more tricky; I will help you out with this one. After the flame trap [uber easy] you fight a Shadowscythe Pilot, so bring your strongest character weapon (leveled up at the university). However, the default are now available for selection within the museum before clicking the quest. After defeating the pilot, touch the middle flame; spikes come out but just stay in the middle and you won't die. You have a 50-50 chance of getting a fossil; Getting 8 will allow you to access some cool weapons, getting all 18 will give access to dinosaur mechs which have tons of HP (300-310) but comparatively very low energy (75-85). The Underwater Ruin has a challenging minigame in the beginning that determines how HP you fight the next enemy plus a strong boss at the end of the quest. (Note: You can now skip the minigame if you've done it once before.)

Each one is more difficult then the other. All give a fair amount of XP and some great cutscenes to watch. I don't want to go into how to beat them, that can spoil all the fun.(most missions need a lev 10 mech)

  • The Knife and Spork This area is right next to the Soluna Police Department and involves some impressive challenges for players ranging from level 3 (Diner Challenge 1) to level 25 (Diner Challenge 10). The rewards are adequate and these set challenges can definitely measure whether your current mech configuration is excellent or not.

Uber Check After You Land

A very special thanks to The Peanut Master (and various helpers) for letting me use his spreadsheet. (Be aware that most links link to the official forum encyclopedia, although some will link to the wiki.)

Google Docs-Ultimate MechQuest Spreadsheet


  • Nova Gem items tend to be the most powerful, followed by Star Captain items and finally Free to Play items. However, this is not always the case.



Stats have arrived! Now, I can't tell you what to choose-while some are better than others for different mechas, I will describe each one and list the pros and cons depending on each house.

Stat Info: Star Captains gain 6 stats per lvl, while F2P get 5. Each stat be trained up to 200 each. After you train a lvl's stat you will do a mandatory fight to train your chosen stats (losing will not take away your stat points, but they won't be added and you'll have to do it again.)

Reflex: Increases your chance to dodge. A good skill all around- quite good for low HP mechas, like Runehawk, but Wolfblade's HP is very high so definitely not a priority. It doesn't really matter for Mystravens.

Power: Increases damage dealt. A good skill for all houses. Necessary for a F2P if they ever want to do damage close to a SC. If you spend all your points on it, you can reach damage higher then SC. A great skill for all houses, Mystraven needs it the most, due to having a low minimum hit.

Accuracy: Increases chance to hit. A good skill, but enemies either have none or little defense stats so it's not a necessary skill (for now). It is useful when you're PvPing certain mechas and a few in the Knife and Spork, though.

Efficiency: Decreased EP usage. Very good for Wolfblade's low EP, while Runehawk's high EP and Regen makes it unnecessary. Mystraven is in between, but it should help them out a bit, especially in lower levels.

Perception: Damage taken reduced. An all around good skill. While Wolfblade's high HP makes it an average skill, at best, but for the other houses (especially Runehawk) it's a very good skill.

Luck: Affects all rolls in a small (and good) way. This is a strange skill and is in no way related to any of the houses. This skill is very good for rolls, so if you have the time, you can spend all your stat points on it and do all the quests that require rolls until their done. Then reset and do the skill you want.

Planet Westion

Westion was made available as of June 6, 2008.


Alamonia Town is the default area you land in. From your starting point, you have two options... speak to the NPC Clyde (the half-horse half-human in the center) to begin the Desert Wanderer mission/quest, or you can go left and move further into town until you speak to Arin-Ha and Jhaek-Ha who are both on the far left of town (you'll notice a lady with an umbrella... that's them).

  • Assuming you are at least level 16, it is also highly recommended that you purchase the Equinox mecha. It is a very unique mecha and one of the best with its EP sapping back arm. Decent attacks and two DOT attacks make it a mecha well worth the time and effort! (Note that you must have 100 rep in Alamonia to purchase these mechas, apart from the ones in the Nova Gem special shop. Those don't require any rep.)
  • As of July 9, 2008 the Sheriff office in Alamonia Town has opened which offers players the latest quest... Bandits! This is another reputation acquisition quest and rewards are adequate. Assuming you have done well with the other quests and possess the right mecha and equipment (some configurations are offered above) Getting 105 Bounty Points opens the Sheriff Mecha shop.
  • Both Arin-Ha and Jhaek-Ha will request your assistance in searching for the missing Hover Train parts. Note that you can move in all directions while doing this quest, like the Desert Wanderer quest. The difference is that you will never enter a random fight unless you move on top of a train part. You will always find the parts in the same order, and they will always appear, though not in the same areas.
  • Chase on the Zephyrus: The town hall is open and inside the mayor wants you to investigate train robberies so you must traverse 5 train cars talking to the people in them and hearing rumors about you. Now for some useful information! This is not a mecha mission so you WILL need a pretty strong sword. So get your strongest because the Vul'Kharim Warrior, though they are random, could appear. There are approximately 3-4 battles to be fought. Once you reach the front of the train you witness J6 robbing the train of it's dragon breath and you must complete 5 mini-games which involve you shooting J6 to the last car where a new (unbeatable) minigame starts. Once it's over the mission ends.
  • On August 29th, 2008, the Catch Firemane! quest opened. This is located in the Alamonia Town Hall and is required to finish several future missions. Since there are some tough energy blade fights, make sure to bring a good one. Brute Blade (for non-SCs) and Broken Blade (for SCs) are the best ones, but they do require a level of 35 in Energy Blades 101, so if you can't get them them then just get the best one you can from Light's Sabers or the Energy Blade Weapon Rack. After that is a minigame that will definitely challenge your memory and ability to follow directions. When you finish that, there is a tough mecha fight with Firemane. She will always be level 20 at the minimum and scales upward, so equip the best mecha you have before leaving. The ending is a very funny (and unexpected) plot twist, so I won't spoil it for you.
  • On September 4th, 2008, A Needle in Space opened. You must finish the Firemane quest before you do this, and it is intended for level 20 and up. So don't bring any mecha that can't easily defeat a level 20 enemy (oh, and bringing a powerful energy blade is a very good idea too) The bosses are also quite hard, so that's another reason to bring the best mecha you have. Right, about the quest...You start out delivering a load of Crystallized Dragon's Breath to Vul'Khar Ridge. Before you get near your destination, though, you are transported away to a very strange place with a rather familiar person. Haven't you seen her before? No couldn't be....Anyway, this is a pretty hard quest, so here's the walkthrough. (Note: If you are below level 20 or had difficulty beating Firemane, go level up and get a better mecha, since if you have trouble with her you're almost sure to have trouble beating the bosses.)
    • First off, you have to defeat 100 enemies in a row in the 100 Floor Challenge. It also has some 49ers which get increasingly harder every dozen floors, so don't forget your energy blade. Don't worry, it saves your progress every five fights (one fight equals one floor) and you get fully healed after every fight. It doesn't save your credits and exp unless you eject/die or level up, though, so don't close your browser until you get to a save point and eject first. Otherwise, you could lose all your rewards so far. It's more tedious than hard if you have the right setup, though don't be surprised to find yourself dying every now and then.
    • Maria 13 (quest): Next up is the first boss fight. There is a Star Captain extreme mode, but I don't recommend trying it until you are level 25. Normal mode can be hard as it is, so don't make it harder. At least not the first time around ;)
    • Mr. Z (quest): The final boss doesn't look like much, but it's quite hard. Just equip the best items you have, pummel away with your weapon combos, and hope for the best. With the right setup, decent stats, and luck, you can beat him. There is also an extreme mode for this boss.


As of June 25, 2008 the town of Khaeldron has become available which now opens two brand new quests.

  • The Ride the Train quest involves you riding the train with Arin-Ha and Jhaek-Ha and protecting them from attackers. This is an out-of-mecha battle and involves the use of an Energy Blade... which is another good reason to have maxed out your Energy Blade skills via the Sword Fight quests back in Soluna or buying swords in the laser blade shop.
  • The Protect the Train quest involves you escorting the train to and from Alamonia to Khaeldron. There will be many battles involving your mecha and this will be the first time for players to see the newest enemies. Acquiring a reputation of 100 is needed to open various shops in Khaeldron.
  • As of July 16, 2008 the Khaeldron Research Labs have opened. It offers you a quest which is very similar to Power Cells on the moon. The reward is only a Drakel Power Cell, but it will give you a powerful mecha. To do this quest you must walk around a mine (it's the same set-up but with different gem placements and mechas) and collect Crystallized Dragon Breath. There are around 4-5 mecha battles and a tough sword battle, Miner 49er. You are very highly recommended to be at least halfway done with the sword class to get swords that do the right amount of damage. Since Kama (an energy blade) can do 1-12 damage, it's the best non-Star Captain blade which is available for free. However, it is also highly recommended that you purchase a sword from Light's Sabers as these will provide much better damage. If you're a non-SC, but have a high level in Energy Blades 101, you will definitely want to purchase a sword from Light's Sabers, since the Miner 49er and Vul'Kharim Warrior do damage based on your Energy Blades 101 rank.

Planet Zargon

  • On September 24th, 2008, Zargon was released for all players. The weekend before, a Star Captain-only preview was released, but it has since been removed and the weapons are rare. So, on the the review!

Welcome to zargon as of yet it's unexploreable but anywho their are quests to do

First of you will have to collect 20 mecha parts to use the special create-a-mecha um mech and to unlock the next quest.

you'll get a 50/50 chance to recive a mecha part and at 10 you get some weapons. here is some enemy info for this and other quests

-The mecha enemies can be quite hard, and it's easiest for higher-level players. That doesn't mean a level 12 couldn't beat it, but it requires some careful strategy.

-There is also a SC-only difficulty mode, which basically just increses enemy HP, special chances, and enemy weapon damage.

-Just a tip for those of you who find the enemies too hard- They are scaled. Now, if you don't know* what that means,basiclly if your lv. 10 you'll you'll face an enemy around that level.

-They are probably the hardest enemies, excluding, those immpossible ones. The most powerful is most likely the Incredulous Bulk, which has an Annihilation effect, which doubles the damage of a certain attack, and a OverCharge effect which increases the damage by a random percent, and average around 60%. To beat him, you'll need to stun him or do extreme damage.

Now after collecting all 20 mecha parts you unlock the next quest and after that you do the final quest which leads to the final showdown to Universo devlopments

-you first have to save 10 super heros and fight and defat the incredulos bulk

-Then go to inflrirtate the arachnid's cave and Bat's cave to fight out more about universo

-then you go on fight Thunderhammer and defeat him and start ultimate quest against Universo and after universo you could try to beat Galtaic fight mini game.

Leveling guide

Check out Mechquest Guides in Help:Contents

This is a complete guide for becoming uber:

lvls 1-3 It's easy to become easy at this lvls,just get -somokey flame thrower -N-OOB misile (4x) -crussander's shining repeater -SC staredown -Dragontooth chaingun In this order

Now land ship

lvls 3-12 Go to Tek and buy katana 1.0(if NSC) or if NG(SC is also needed if you don't want to spend money) go to Westion.Talk to clyde and get Nova Colt(from special deal shop) Now go and do K&S(knife and sponk) When lvl 5 get a shadowscythe E1 and sell nova colt Now do police If you are a NSC goto university,join a house and get a house mech and house head If you fiish before lvl 8 do mecharoni At lvl 8 get Shadowscythe E1.2 and sell E1 After,go and do mecharoni If you finish before lvl 10 do energy blades At lvl 10 do energy blades and sell SS E1.2 If you finish before lvl 12 get hamerhead deluxe and do K&S At lvl 12 everyone shoulod join a house Get a house mech.NGs should get nova one and if SCs get lvl 12 star commander mech and a lvl 12 head

lvls 12-17 Now get nova ghost trap and farm Ghost should finish at lvl 13 or 14 Do museum till lvl15 and if finished before lvl 15 do more K&S At lvl15 upgrade your house mech.It may cost alot but it worths Now you should start to do storyline When finished you should be lvl 17 if finished before do K&S

lvls17-20 17 is the worst lvl in this game.To combat this go and do Westion starting with J6 quest and geting a zeus arm continuing with hover train,cul'khar and ending with 100 floors At lvl 18 NSCs should get geist hunter At lvl 20 everyone should upgrade mech and get Zeus arm

lvls20-25 Best time for Zragon Now do Zargon and when U can do quickflash minigame and after that SCs should get quickflash mech and NSCs more weps for they're house mech When you finished you should be around 21 Do K&S till lvl25 Remember to upgrade house mech at every lvl At lvl 25 upgrade house mech again and do Doom harvester quest and get SC head(not NG)

lvls25-28 K&S till lvl 26 At lvl 26 get lvl26 quickflash K&S till lvl 28 At lvl28 get house mech hunter's wraith Do arachno-phobia and get head

This was all till now :D