Kingadent Slugwrath

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Kingadent Slugwrath


GEARS University Shuttle


Kingadent Slugwrath is also known as Dinkelheim Slugwrath

Transmission & Important Text

Kingadent Slugwrath: Greetings citizens! It is I, your beloved and unanimously voted Kingadent, Dinkelheim Slugwrath.

Kingadent Slugwrath: As you know, scientists have identified a large unidentified flying object on a collision course with our planet.

Kingadent Slugwrath: The alien UFO responded to our diplomatic offering of "Slugwrath Rules" embroidered towels with the following message...

Kingadent Slugwrath: "All your base are belong to us. You will not survive to make your time..."

Kingadent Slugwrath: The aliens obviously don't recognize the value of an exquisite towel after a hot steamy bath. Therefore, I have no choice but to declare war!

Kingadent Slugwrath: I can assure every citizen that all our base do not belong to them! We shall survive make our time!

Kingadent Slugwrath: Our military is the greatest force of mecha power in the galaxy. These aliens don't stand a chance!

Kingadent Slugwrath: This isn't a war against some invading aliens. It is a war against Alienism!

Kingadent Slugwrath: Alienists beware! For I, Slugwrath shall crush you into oblivion! ...Transmission ends...

Power Cells

Slugwrath: This starship wreckage must be the work of rebel forces! <your character's name> you must search and destroy all enemy units!

Slugwrath: This starship wreckage must be the work of rebel forces! Patrol this area and engage all enemy units you encounter!

Slugwrath: One other thing... I am looking for power cells. When you destroy enemy units, please try to salvage their energy cells.

Slugwrath: Now go! Show no mercy to these traitors! For all we know, they may be working with the Shadowscythe

Slugwrath: Excellent! You were to salvage a working' power cell! It will be beamed to your starship's cargo for immediate transport.


Slugwrath:Argh! The power cell was destroyed! I would expect better performance from GEARS finest students …You will need to do better than that


After getting 10 Power Cells

Slugwrath: Ah...hmmm.. a black box? Well, you can just destroy that... We know this was the work of the rebels....

Victory Blimp

After the Shadowscythe Invasion 2 This blimp flies across the screen but it was removed after Shadowscythe Invasion III


Working with the Shadowsythe

It is revealed that Kingadent is working for the Shadowsythe, Kingadent Slugwrath maybe is a Shadowsythe or he gave the planet to them. The person who is sitting in the chair next to the Slugwrath head-in-the-jar appears to be Zorbak, a moglin that appears in all the AE games except MechQuest.