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  • Always use templates when creating new pages. (Category:Templates) Refer to other edits of similar things to see proper format and proper method of categorizing your edits. If no template is used most probably edit will be deleted.
  • Only upload .PNG images or they will be deleted.(jpg files and other supported formats are aloud on talk and personal pages only, but try to upload .png files only)
  • Any profanity or destructive edits will be deleted and your account can be banned temporarily.
  • Also try to use proper Grammar and Spelling on all edits, even on personal pages. Try to alphabetize or categorize lists in any edit to make it easier to read.
  • If an effect does multiple hits always divide damage over those hits, and if a decimal number, always round up to the closest whole number.
  • Sell-back prices for items bought with credits is 10% of the buy price. (always round up)
  • Sell-back for Nova Gem items: 90% in the first 24 hours, and after that 25% of the total buying price. (always round up)
  • Before creating a Guide, please ask permission from The Village Idiot or RavenQueen, and make sure no other guide already has that information. All Guides must be updated with every new release (weekly.)
  • No Coming Soon info on the Release Log. Be careful when editing the Release Log and use the Preview function to make sure everything is correct.
  • Make sure to use scaled enemy pages when needed
  • For personal pages no personal info (example: sex, age, etc.. ) or discussion of your political feelings.
  • No images on effect pages until further notice
  • Hopefully no more rules needed.

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