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Star Ship Soluna City exterior.

Important Text

Button Text

Info: Your Star Ship

Welcome aboard Star Captain! Please take some time to look around an familiarize yourself with your ship. Soon you will be able to hire a crew, get unique items from around the universe (like video game machines) to decorate it, and much more. Take a look around!


Manage your house items


Visit the Captain's Quarters

Walkaround Text


<Your Character>: Once I get this 72" monitor set up I should be able to browse Star Charts, check the Galactic news and surf the Ultraweb!

(Pilot's Chair)

<Your Character>: Wow, this is so overwhelming. Am I really going to lead a crew on daring missions into the stars? I'm going to need a pilot!

(Mecha Hanger)

<Your Character>: Woah, there is enough room for 20 different Mecha and over dozen vehicles in here!


  • License: Get your Star Captain's License and become the Captain of THIS ship! (SCs only)
  • Mecha Hanger (View all of your Mecha and choose one to use!)
  • Equip (Equip weapons and parts on the Mecha you are currently piloting.)
  • Save Equip (Saves your current Mecha and weapon layout as your default. This is how your will look in PvP as well.)

Buy Ticket

Purchase a Starship ticket (Non-SCs only)


Lore - Moon: 1000 Credits (5000 Credits during Wartime)

Lore - Westion: 1000 Credits
Star Ship
This is a class ADV Star Ship.
Location Info
Level Required: 3
Location: Soluna City
Connected Areas: Soluna City
SC Needed: Yes (No, needs a Ticket)
Notes: None
Shops and NPCs
NPCs: Lisa
Quests: None