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Changes you will like to see to any section put in the appropriate section if no section seems to fit what you are looking for put it in the Other or General Suggestions Section


When I try to edit a page and put links in it keeps displaying-

Spam protection filter The page you wanted to save was blocked by the spam filter. This is probably caused by a link to an external site. The word that triggered this is "Job(s)" without parenthesis. However I didn't link it- I only bolded it. So any words that are banned from use will be blocked and not allow any content to be posted. This needs work. What words are we not supposed to use? you will only know until its blocked...this is rather annoying.

Main Page Suggestions

Please please please, if you are not going to do a good job posting something do not post it. It creates confusion and back-log because someone will have to check the information in-game before the mistake is ever found. So instead, just Request for it to be done.

All item pages should be replaced to include the item name, level, as well as type in the page name for easier browsing of the wiki. This shouldn't take a lot of time if a lot of people help out. Example: "8 Shotguns Lvl32(Back Shoulder)"

This next part will take a little longer- I also think all pages need to be checked in-game, re-updated, and "stamped" with a date so that way we know how recent the information is without having to check all the time.

These things should be standard procedure or something- just add it to all the templates.

Release Log Suggestions

I think that we can also put pictures of the game on the main page.

Mech Suggestions

Weapons Suggestions

There needs to be a Mod template/category. There doesn't seem to be one currently.

Armor Suggestions

I reckon you should make a spacesuit to go along with the astronaut helmet.

Character Weapons Suggestions

NPC's Suggestions

Enemies Suggestions


Areas Suggestions

Shops Suggestions

Quests Suggestions

I reckon you should make the monsters in warlic's ship parts quest weaker because people are haveing trouble getting past it cause they are too strong and it isn't fair for people. Thank you from: Golden600

Uniforms Suggestions

Hairstyles Suggestions

Effects Suggestions

Template Suggestions

  • A Template or Universal Structure for NPC pages

Guide Suggestions

Other Suggestions

Somebody should really update this site. This site has completely stopped, I used to use this site all the time but now nobody does anything! Why? I am going to try and do some stuff but because it has been a long time since I have played and I have never used a wiki before, it's going to be a hard job to do on my own.