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Request Page

Static Links

A collection of links that may provide some useful starting points.

Ingame Material

Changes/Additions to item information, i.e. stuff found ingame.

Missing Images

Adding images to pages that don't yet have any.

  • A Note on Location: Preview-window images are preferred, due to potential viewing blockages. It also provides greater consistency. (There is no rule against uploading in-battle images, though.)
  • Serial Imaging: For mecha/weapon series, cross-check any existing pages in that series to see if images have been uploaded for them already. If they are, use those images instead of uploading new ones, UNLESS other items in that series have different images or the current ones are low quality, in which case replace the image with a new one and/or mark the original file for deletion, if it had a different file type suffix. (Note: The definition of 'low quality' is basically anything that sounds like one or more of the following: JPG format, image too small and hard to see, image too large with horrible loading times, screenshots taken with Low quality graphics setting, uncropped screenshots, extremely distracting backgrounds and custom colors, etc.)
  • Tag Removals: Once you have uploaded a requested image, remove the "ImageNeeded" tag from the page. This is so the category doesn't have some pages *with* images in it, which kinda defeats the purpose.

Missing Info

Adding information to existing pages.

  • Game Rebalance Issues: Due to weapon rebalancing, many of the low-level item pages are in need of updates. You can find a list of the changes here.
  • Editing Effects: Many weapon pages lack effect info, and many effect pages lack special rates. However, there are a few things we can do to lessen the task's enormity. One, item series often have the same or similar effects. Some of the tags might have been added by mistake. Two, before you add an effect page, check to make sure it isn't already there under a slightly different name. Punctuation differences or an error in DoT values can be especially misleading.
  • missing quests: ok many of my npcs are missing quest pages someon needs to add them soon _mechmasterthe33rd.

Missing Pages

Adding new pages to the wiki.

  • Missing Pages: Ah, the most exhausting part of all. Due to this task's size, I would recommend that we break it down into parts based on time-chunks. If our more active contributors focused on completing the July/August 2008 release pages, then moved on to subsequent months, I believe we would catch up with AE much quicker and with fewer headaches. Though, right now anything completed would be welcome.
    Also, try to keep a narrow focus while editing, and save the general approach for when you're plotting with your fellow conspira- uh, wikiers. For example, if you'd like to add a particular mecha series, first add the mecha pages, then the weapons for a particular slot, then the effects and images, then any additional categories you might have missed. It sounds counterproductive, but it's less likely to overwhelm you with the "Where do I start?" question.

Wiki Projects

Changes/Additions to the actual wiki, i.e. stuff not found ingame.

Template Changes

Changes to the existing item templates, or addition of new templates.

  • Enemy Scaling Changes: Since MQ now apparently has a standard scaling system that isn't going to go away, the Scaled Enemy Template needs to be reworked. (Some people have already started on this job, so it's up to them if they want to continue or not.) It might be best to wire the template so that it shows all the standard scalings by default, with optional fields that will only modify that enemy's information if the user types another value in.
  • NPC Template: Yeah, I know, this has been around forever, but it really does need to be completed, and the existing NPC pages need to be changed to fit aforementioned template (once somebody writes the template, that is).

Info Organization

Changes in the way information is organized.

  • Mechs by Area: Can somebody remind me to finish the Mechs by Area project when I have some spare time? It would really be a great help in navigating around the site, if I can get a prototype of it working...once that's done, I WILL need some help in categorizing all the mechs and keeping the index pages updated, so expect to see this section change sometime soonish.

Wiki Refreshing

Refresh the wiki to bring new updates into the wiki where needed.

  • Mecha Page: I would like for those who can to start the process by updating the Mecha list by contributing pages for Mecha that are not included on the list yet. This comes with the level cap increase in the game.
  • Weapons Page: After the Mecha page I would like for work to be started on the mecha weapons page. If you are more knowledgeable on weapons than Mecha you may start here.
  • More to come these two task are gonna take some time, so when we near the end of them I will add more. "Thanks to all those who are still working on the wiki. -Tyris Fidel"