Top of the Train

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Top of the Train
Out of Mech
Objective: Completed!
Good Work! You defeated the strange attacker on top of the train!
Location Info
Level Required: 5 (Requires all StarShip Parts and all Train Parts)
Location: Alamonia Town, Khaeldron
SC Needed: No
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy Generation: Fixed
Mecha Enemy List: None
OM Enemy List: Vul'Kharim Warrior
Total Experience: Scaled
Total Credits: Scaled


While riding the train between Alamonia and Khaeldron, a Vul'Kharim Warrior may attack the train forcing you on a out of mech battle. Even if defeated, destination will still be safely reached.

Quests On Westion
Alamonia (story):

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Alamonia (optional):

Bandits | High Noon | Big Bad Broncho | Top of the Train


Mines | Protect the Train | Defend The Mines | Treasure in the Mines | Deep Underground

A Needle in Space:

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