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Wolfblade is the house for warriors to show true strength.

Runehawk is the house for mages to show off magic.

Mystraven is the house for thieves to preform pranks.


Wolfblade/GEARS University



Interesting Fact

Note: all the instructors (except for Tsuba, Jaania* and Casca*) at Gears look like they have a Wolfblade uniform on- they do not, it is an instructor suit similar to the Wolfblade one. *=Jaania's and Casca's only differ in color.

Important Text

  • (After you Join and complete the Labyrinth quest.)

Xaria: That was very heroic! The Wolfblade is back where it belongs!

Xaria: House Wolfblade would be honored to have you as a member.

Xaria: Do you still wish to join? Remember, there is no turning back! You may only ever join one house!

Xaria: Very well then, you are now officially a member of Wolfblade! Bring honor to the house, initiate!


  • Xaria is erroneously named Jaania after completing the Labyrinth quest.
  • Xaria is later captured and transformed by the Shadowscythe and she almost looks simaler to Orange's 1st Season cyborg look from Code Geass