100 Floor Challenge

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100 Floor Challenge
Deliver Crystallized Dragon Breath to the Vul'Kahrim.
Objective: Completed!
Great job! Countless enemies fell at your hands! You made it past 100 EvilCorp security officers!
Location Info
Level Required: 20
Location: A Needle in Space (Go to Roy Silver (town hall) and click Go To Oasis)
SC Needed: No
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy Generation: Random
Mecha Enemy List:
OM Enemy List: 49er
NPCs: Maria 13
Total Experience: Scaled
Total Credits: Scaled


  • Catch Firemane! must be completed. When you're at the Oasis, take the "deliver" quest.
  • Piloting a level 20 mecha (or above) is highly recommended, due to that all mecha enemies in this challenge are at least level 20-class enemies.
  • After every 5 battles, your progress saves.
  • The 49ers give more EXP and Credits as you go up. It starts at 10 EXP and Credits, then it increases.


Go to Oasis

  • Firemane: Alright, I have 2 tons of Crystallized Dragon's Breath that I'd like you to smug... er ...deliver to Vul'Khar Ridge. Their complete supply of Dragon's Breath disappeared recently. They are suffering greatly from this lack of fuel. This mission may also help you find a clue to the whereabouts of the missing ambassadors... They were on a diplomatic mission to Vul'Khar Ridge when they disappeared. There have been some strange lights in this area. The Vul'Kharim see this as a very ominous sign. They believe that the ambassadors were literally swallowed by the stars... Please careful, <character name> Something insidious is happening out there!

Go now!

  • Message Box: Woah! There was a great flash of light and now you are here, not there! Wait a minute... where is here anyway?
  • Maria 13: Welcome to EvilCorp Station 13. Do you have an appointment with Mr. Z?


  • Maria 13: Mr. Z's office is on the 100th floor. if you don't have an appointment, then it will be a VERY long elevator ride...*

What happened?

  • Maria 13: We detected a large deposit of Crystallized Dragon's Breath on the planet below... We beamed it aboard this station and got you along with it. Not to worry though... The CDB has been removed from your mecha. Now you may leave at any time!

You look familiar

  • Maria 13: This is impossible. I do not recognize your face. I was engineered to have photographic recall.Logic would dictate that you have mistaken me for someone else. It is a forgivable transgression considering your inferior memory...I am and always have been Maria 13 of Station 13...

100 Floor Challenge

  • Maria 13: Now, if you have an appointment with Mr. Z, I'd suggest you show up on time... Take the elevator to the 100th floor. He is waiting.

(<retrieving dialogue now>

After defeating her...

<retrieving dialogue now>

After defeating Mr. Z...

Garrokh: Thanks for rescuing us <character name>! Alamonia and Khaeldron now control this space station.

Rewards! Stallione: You deserve a reward for your efforts on Westion! We have created some items for you using salvaged EvilCorp parts! EC Weapons Mr. Z Head

Replay Missions Stallione: this station has a fancy Time Re-Combobulator that allow you to go back in time and replay missions

Garrokh: I am ambassador Garrokh, of Khaeldron. Stallione: I am ambassador, Stallione of Alamonia* Stallione: We were on a diplomatic mission to resolve tensions between Alamonia and Khaeldron over recent mine shortages. Garrokh: It turns out EvilCorp was using the cloaked space station to teleport our precious Dragon's Breath off of the planet. Garrokh: They kidnapped us to creat tension between the towns. They hoped that this would divert attention away from their plan. Stallione: Thankfully you landed on Westion when you did. You helped us to avoid a pointless Civil War* Stallione: Now Alamonia and Khaeldron control this magnificent Space station!* Garrokh: This space station will serve us well in the upcoming war with the Shadowscythe. Garrokh: We will proudly with Soluna City in a new alliance against the Shadowscythe!)

  • All typos are in-game, not errors.

Quests On Westion
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Alamonia (optional):

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A Needle in Space:

100 Floor Challenge | Maria 13 | Mr. Z