Ambassador Garrokh

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He is Drakel.

Ambassador Garrokh


Garrokh: Thank you for rescuing us, <character name>! Alamonia and Khaeldron now control this space station.

Dialogue between Garrokh and Stallione

Garrokh: I am ambassador Garrokh, of Khaeldron.
Stallione: And I am ambassador Stallione, of Alamonia.
Stallione: We were on a diplomatic mission to resolve tensions between Alamonia and Khaeldron over recent mine shortages.
Garrokh: It turns out EvilCorp was using the cloaked space station to teleport our precious Dragon's Breath off of the planet.
Garrokh: They kidnapped us to create tension between the towns. They hoped that this would divert attention away from their plan.
Stallione: Thankfully you landed on Westion when you did. You helped us to avoid a pointless Civil War.
Stallione: Now Alamonia and Khaeldron control this magnificent Space station!
Garrokh: This space station will serve us well in the upcoming war with the Shadowscythe.
Garrokh: We will proudly with Soluna City in a new alliance against the Shadowscythe!