Arm Shop (Mogloween)

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This is one of the Shops found during the Mogloween 2008!
It was introduced during a Seasonal Event, and is only available in the game during the event, or possibly never again.
This event occurred from 10/24/2008 to 11/07/2008.

Arm Shop (Mogloween)
Candy Shop: Return 2500 Pieces of Candy to Amity to unlock this shop!
Location Info
Location: Mogloween 2008
SC Needed: No
Notes: You must turn in 2,500 pieces of candy to unlock the shop. This does not subtract from your current candy amount, meaning that if you turned in 2,731 pieces, you would still have that amount after you opened the shop.
NPCs: Dr. Jack Springenstein

F2P Items

SC Items

Color Codes
F2P: These items are blue.
SC: These items are purple.
NG: These items are green.