Back Shoulder Nutty Bazooka

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This is one of the Items found during the April Fool’s 2009!
It was introduced during a Seasonal Event, and is only available in the game during the event, or possibly never again.
This event occurred from 04/01/09 to 04/04/09.

Back Shoulder Nutty Bazooka
This type of gun does not come wrapped in a comic. Just the name is funny. Pops big bubbles (like your enemy’s cockpit)… Bazooooooka!
Level Required: 8
Equip Spot: Back Shoulder
Hits: 1
Damage: 23 - 33 Ballistic
Total Damage: 23 - 33 Ballistic
DPT: 28
DPE: 2.3
Energy Consumption: 12
Cooldown: 3 turn(s)
Price: N/A
Sellback: N/A
SC Needed: No

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Chance on Hit

  • Precision Targeting: +40-80% to Critical Chance