Bandit: Mugger 5

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Resistance 1: Immobility:60
Resistance 2: None
Resistance 3: None
Enemy Type: Equippable
Default Special Abilities: None
Attack 1: Extra Shot. Pulse Multiplier
Attack 2: 40% to Opponent Attack Bonus for 5 turns

+40 to damage for 6 turns.

+40 to damage for 6 turns.

Superstar Dazzle! & Sparkly Pants!
Attack 3: 1st Hit:+8% Damage; -5% to Hit.

2nd Hit:+16% Damage;-10% to Hit.

3rd Hit:+24% Damage; -15% to Hit.

4th Hit:+32% Damage;-20% to Hit.

Combo Hit:
Attack 4: 50% damage.

+x% Bonus damage where x is between 40-80.

DoT for 3 turns.

Weapons System Freezing, Frosty!, Frozen Gears, & Internal damage
Attack 5: +30 Boost and +30 Bonus for 7 turns. Darkness Overcomes You!
Attack 6: -30 Bonus and -10 Boost for 3 turns. Demoralized


Attack 1:Shoots at your mech from front shoulder weapon.

Attack 2: Throws a spike ball at your mech.

Attack 3: One of the shoulder weapon shoots missiles directly at your mech.

Attack 4: Back arm weapon freezes your mech.

Attack 5: Powers up the enemy's mech from head weapon using darnkness

Attack 6: Body send flaming torch at your mech

This mech was based on the design by members in the forum. Using the Headless Horse Mech from Mogloween

If you loss in battle to this mech you loss credits based on the following formula 30*level