Bat Cave

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Bat Cave
Mecha Battle
Objective: Completed!
Location Info
Level Required: 3
Location: The Daily Zargon -> Mechtropolis ->Zargon
SC Needed: No
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy Generation: Fixed
Mecha Enemy List:
OM Enemy List: None
Total Experience: Scaled
Total Credits: Scaled


  • Selina: <Character Name>! Mecha Bat's secret hideout is somewhere deep within this cave! Our time is running out! I'm afraid that Boltavolt may be getting closer to completing Universo We need to find out where Boltavolt's secret facility is located! Perhaps Mecha Bat can lead us to him.Good luck! This cave is huge! I have provided an automap system to help you find your way!

Upon reaching Mecha Bat

  • Mecha Bat: <Character Name>! You are right on time!

Upon defeating Mecha Bat

  • Mecha Bat: Hi! <Character Name>. I am Wayne Bryce, a.k.a, Bat Mecha.

The Hypno-Beam no longer controls me! Unfortunately, all of my powers have been drained.Universo is finished and Boltavolt is preparing to launch it!The only one who knows the location of Boltavolt's secret base is the fallen hero, Thunderhammer You will have to face him next if you want to stop Universo!You must intercept Thunderhammer and find out where Boltavolt's secret facility is located!I fear it may be too late. Now that Universo is complete, you will most likely have to fight it. As far as I know, it is completely invincible. Good luck, <Character Name>!


  • To unlock this quest you must complete the other quests in the Mechropolis quest chain.
  • To move the lever down, move your mecha beside it and click the lever hand.
  • If you roll a 100 at the end of the quest (get +5 for wearing Superhero costume) you can access Bat Cave Loot
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