Braddock Steele

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Before battling Crystal Fist

  • Braddock Steele: Hello, <player name>! I'm Major Braddock Steele! Think you're tough enough for some real action?

Who are you?

  • Braddock Steele: I'm Major Steele! They wanted to make me a general but I turned them down!
  • Braddock Steele: I prefer life on the battlefield. I could never be happy calling the shots from a distance.
  • Braddock Steele: I am the last surviving member of a secret elite task force called Star Strikers
  • Braddock Steele: I'm looking to rebuild the team. So I came here looking for worthy soldiers.
  • Braddock Steele: Maybe YOU have what it takes.

I'm the best!

  • Braddock Steele: Alright we'll see about that.... If you can hold your own against my little friend. Then maybe you've got what it takes!
  • Braddock Steele: I captured this little bugger in my last mission... behind enemy lines! Good Luck!

After battling Crystal Fist

  • Braddock Steele: Alright, I think you have what it takes! I need an experienced Star Captain for my next dangerous mission!


  • Braddock Steele: Listen, I'm sick of sitting around while the Shadowscythe are out there spreading like a disease!
  • Braddock Steele: I recently found out the location of a major 'Shadowscythe communication base.
  • Braddock Steele: Those Shadowscythe would never expect us to march right into their space and blow their base to smithereens!
  • Braddock Steele: I need a Star Captain, because this mission is 100% Unauthorized!
  • Braddock Steele: Our first mission is to land on a Shadowscythe moon and secure our position to strike!
  • Braddock Steele: So what are you waiting for? Let's go!