Capt. Arcadia

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Capt. Arcadia


Star Captain's Club

Assault Mecha

Important text

Capt. Arcadia: AssaultMecha is my favorite game! You can battle other students. Their mecha model is taken right out of the University database!


Capt. Arcadia: Want to know some secret ID#s? Artix is 3, Zhoom is 1, and Warlic sometimes plays under the name EvilJim (ID#2).


Capt. Arcadia: EbilGames! Yeah that is my favorite minigame site too. I hear that the Moglin that runs the site is also the CEO of EvilCorp.

  • Launch EbilGames

Buy Arcade

Capt. Arcadia: You want to buy a video game.. haha, no way! You gotta earn one of these babys! (Coming Soon)