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Casca and her services




Mystraven/GEARS University


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Important Text

Casca: Welcome to house Mystraven. If you want to join, then go right on ahead.

  • Join Button

Casca: You wish to become a member of Mystraven? This is a very important decision. Do not take this lightly.

Casca: Once you join a house, you may never join another house. This is a lifetime commitment.

Casca: Are you SURE you wish to join this house?

  • If YES

Casca: Absolutely sure?

  • If Yes

Casca: Third time's the charm... ARE YOU FULLY COMMITTED TO THIS DECISION?


Casca: Very well then, before you become a member, you must pass a test...

Casca: Houses Wolfblade and Runehawk are always fighting. It's pretty irritating, actually

Casca: Anyway, a few days ago, while they were busying fighting, we decided to snoop around in House Runehawk.

Casca: While flipping through their dusty old tomes, we found out about something pretty wild!

Casca: There is a doorway within this house that seemingly goes nowhere. It is actually a doorway to another dimention!

Casca: There is a being behind the door that can grant a wish to the one who can open the door. That sounds like fun!

Casca: The secret to opening it lies within Pandora's Labyrinth, deep beneath the University.

Casca: You must go into the labyrinth and search for the item. Your access level for the labyrinth is Blue.

Casca: Be very careful. The labyrinth is full of many very real dangers. Are you ready to venture forth?

  • If YES! Sally Forth

[Send you to the Labyrinth quest]

Casca: Well that's strange. Now we have a door with a face on it. I wonder how that thing opens now. At least it look cool!

Casca: You have earned the right to become a member of House Mystraven!

Casca: Do you still wish to join? Remember, there is no turning back! You may only ever join one house!

Casca: Very well then, you are now officially a member of Mystraven! That is going to be fun, initiate!

  • Mission Button

Casca: More missions will be added soon. In the meantime, you still have blue access to the Labyrinth.

  • Mecha Button

Casca: Mystraven mechas are awesome. We can move very fast and deliver powerful critical strikes.

  • Shop Button

Casca: We just recived our first shipment of new items! Maybe this will give us an edge in the Games

  • Talk button

Casca: House Mystraven has no credo. We just live life to the fullest.

Casca: We amuse ourselves by regularly interfering with the other two houses.

Casca: Our latest prank was to steal their treasured artifacts and hide them in Pandora's Labyrinth.

Casca: Of course, they blamed each other and have been fighting over it. They take themselves sooooo seriously!

Casca: Their longstanding rivalry with each other is why they haven't caught on to us yet!

Casca: Look, those other two houses are so predictable. They're like paper cutouts...

Casca: Wolfblades are honorable like knights and Runehawks always have their noses in books.

Casca: We don't fit any molds... We're individuals. If you want to have an interesting time, then join us...