Chapter 1 Intro

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Chapter 1: Final Exam-tasy & the Hero of Soluna City


Judy: Dean Warlic, a dropship is on a final approach to town now. There are many new university recruits on board.

Warlic: Ah! Very good. Have you received the Assault Mecha assessment data from the incoming ship?

Judy: Yes, I have it here... *hands Warlic a computer printout*

Warlic: Very impressive... Especially this one. The pilot candidate named <Your Character Name> shows great promise.

Warlic: This should be a very interesting year indeed... Judy, has the pilot of the dropship passed all the proper safety requirements?

Judy: Definitely! Navigator Worsh was recommended very highly from the Kingident himself!

Warlic: Hmmm... okay. Hopefully we won't have a repeat of last years landing reception...

(start flashback)

Warlic: Ah, here they come now. Hmmm, That angle of approach looks a little bit off....

(Dropship crashes)

Warlic: Hmmm....

Warlic: Judy, Can you get Nurse Helia Quinn on the line for me?

(end flashback)

(begin Chapter 1: Final Exam-tasy & the Hero of Soluna City)

(enter Soluna City)
Chapter 1 Intro
Chapter 1: Final Exam-tasy & the Hero of Soluna City
Location Info
SC Needed: No
Level Required: 3