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Rescue Sys-Zero!
Objective: Completed!
  • Before 10 successful rolls

Good job! You escorted Sys-Zero to the MASH camp and protected Nurse Helia attempted to cure him! This camp is no longer safe though. You'll need to move to a new camp soon.

  • After 10 successful rolls
Sys-Zero has been cured! So far, he is the only person who has had the strength to fight off Shadowscythe control!
Location Info
Level Required: 5
Location: GEARS University
Warlic's Missions
SC Needed: No
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy Generation: Fixed
Mecha Enemy List: Bloodhound
OM Enemy List: None
Total Experience: Scaled
Total Credits: Scaled

There is a roll about Sys-Zero is getting better or not. Sys-Zero is cured when Odessa Pureheart talks to him. Requirements (Level/Completion of Other Quests): The character must be a member of the rebels on the Moon and complete StarShip Parts.

Other Info

  • Doctor's Hat and Scrubs both increase rolls by +5 each. Doctor Gives +10
  • Step 1: Fight the Bloodhound and roll the stat roll.
  • Step 2: After you fail and you fight a Bloodhound, eject immediately.
  • Step 3: You start at the beginning of the quest with the exp and gold from the first Bloodhound you killed.
  • Step 4: Fight another Bloodhound and do the stat roll.
  • Step 5: (Very Important) If you fail the stat roll and you fight the Bloodhound again, don't eject. If you eject and try another stat roll, you will get 0 exp and 0 gold.
  • Note: The maximum XP gained in this quest is 500 and the maximum credits 5,000. If you try to exceed the cap, you will have 0 exp and 0 gold if you manage to get the stat roll.


Warlic: <Character Name>, Nurse Helia needs your help. She may be able to cure Sys-Zero! Nurse Helia would like to try a new technique to cure Sys-Zero. She is currently located at a MASH camp on the outskirts of town.Due to a war-time shortage of usable ambulances, we will need to use your van.You must transport Sys-Zero to the camp. Unfortunately, the road ahead is very dangerous! The Shadowscythe have sent a new type of unit to hunt down Sys-Zero. It's called a Bloodhound. You must outrun it in your van! The Bloodhounds are relentless! Be very careful!

At this point, the character enters a 45-second mini-game not unlike the Let's Ride! mini-game. A large Bloodhound Mech pursues the character's van. If the Bloodhound Mecha steps on the van, the player's mecha loses 15 HP.

  • After you do this once a "Skip" button will appear on the bottom-right hand of the screen

After Cutscene

Warlic: Excellent driving! You and Odessa both managed to buy us enough time to get Sys-Zero safely to the camp!

Warlic: Your mecha was delivered here ahead of you. Now, please guard the camp from any more Bloodhounds

After Battling One Bloodhound

Nurse Helia: Very Good <Character Name>! The camp is safe for now! Now you can witness this new technique! As you know, the brain graft completely changes the personality and identity of the patient. We can't risk having Sys-Zero lose his identity, so I suggest this technique as an alternative...

Healing Methods


Nurse Helia: Perhaps a light spell from Warlic will help purge the dark forces from Sys-Zero's mind.

(Darkness! Leave this body at once!)

Warlic: Sys-Zero? Do you recognize me? Has your mind been cleared?

Sys-Zero: Muahaha!!! Your pathetic attempts to rehabilitate your once proud hero are amusing, mortal!

Warlic: I was afraid of this. The power that has taken hold of him is too strong. Let him sleep before we try again.

Sys-Zero: Your attempts are futile... zzzZZZzzz

Mysterious Johnson

Nurse Helia: Mysterious Johnson is going to help out with a new hypnotic technique this time

Mysterious Johnson: Sys-Zero! You shall follow my command! Snap out of your dark posession! NOW!

Sys-Zero:Your cheap tricks do not work on us! We will completely flatten Soluna!

Mysterious Johnson: Mysterious Johnson's powers of suggestion are insufficient to overcome this case possession!

Sys-Zero: We are more mysterious than you... zzzZZZzzz

Chief Duncan

Nurse Helia: Now we are going to try a few taser blasts from Chief Duncan!

Chief Duncan: Sys-Zero? Hello? How are you feeling?

Sys-Zero: Ouch!... You will be the first to fall when the Shadowscythe take Soluna, Duncan!!

Chief Duncan: Oh well! Back to the ol' drawing board! Sorry I couldn't have been more assistance, citizen!

Sys-Zero: Did you seriously think that would work?... zzzZZZzzz

Nurse Helia

Nurse Helia: I call this technique Rorshach Trauma Therapy/Temporary Lobotomy! Sys-Zero? Can you hear me? Do you know who I am?

Sys-Zero: DOOOOOM!!!! We shall destroy your precious Soluna City!

Nurse Helia: Oh no! the technique did not work! Sys-Zero is slipping back into a coma!

Sys-Zero: Haha! You will all fall to the power of Lord Valoth... zzzZZZzzz....

After the healing experiment

Nurse Helia: Even though Sys-Zero has not recovered, we may still be making some progress. Let me check his charts to see...

  • (Stat Roll) If below 50/52/54/56/58/60/62/64/66/68:

Nurse Helia: Oh no! We spent too much time here! Another Bloodhound is attacking!

After Battling One Bloodhound

Nurse Helia: Hmmm... actually, he looks a little worse...

  • (Stat Roll) If successful: Sys-Zero looks a little better!

Nurse Helia: Great! Sys-Zero is looking a little better! I think that we are starting to make some progress!

After 10 Successful Stat Rolls

Nurse Helia: Perhaps the influence of his former leader, Admiral Pureheart, will snap him out of it...

Odessa Pureheart: Soldier! Answer for yourself! Why have you not returned to active duty?

Sys-Zero: I.... I know you.

Odessa Pureheart: Answer me now soldier! Have you joined with the enemy?

Sys-Zero: You! You were destroyed! My... leader!

Odessa Pureheart: Wrong! We were not destroyed! Your slave, Slugwrath, failed! Now Are you with us or against us?

Sys-Zero: ARGH!! Nooooooo! I must fight! The darkness is surrounding me!!!!

Sys-Zero: Aaagh! Must... be... strong! Hope.... lives!

Sys-Zero: Yes! I remember! You! All hope was lost! But now, has returned! Odessa! Thank you! I will never allow myself to be taken by the shadows again!

Odessa Pureheart: I am glad to have you back, my friend! Now rest... The fighting ahead of us will be fierce!

Nurse Helia: Meeting the leader he presumed was dead gave Sys-Zero the strength he needed to fight off the Shadowscythe control!

Odessa Pureheart: Thank you for all your help <Character Name>. You have my gratitude. You have come a long way since we first met on the moon. You have my deepest respect, hero!

Stat Rolls

# Roll Required Messege
1 50 Sys-Zero looks a little better
2 52 Sys-Zero looks a little better
3 54 Sys-Zero looks a little better
4 56 Sys-Zero looks a little better
5 58 Sys-Zero looks a little better
6 60 Sys-Zero looks a little better
7 62 Sys-Zero looks a little better
8 64 Sys-Zero looks a little better
9 66 Sys-Zero looks a little better
10 68 Sys-Zero looks a little better
11 N/A Cutscene with Odessa and Sys-Zero
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