Chase on the Zephyrus

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Chase on the Zephyrus
Outside of Mech Battle, Minigame
Objective: Completed!
Oh no! J6 escaped in his starship! His reflexes are amazing. You never stood a chance! Keep an eye out for this mysterious man in the future. He is a dangerous force indeed!
Location Info
Level Required: 5 and have completed Hover Train quest.
Location: Alamonia Town Hall
SC Needed: No
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy Generation: Random
Mecha Enemy List: None
OM Enemy List:
Total Experience: Random
Total Credits: Random


  • Roy Silver:Hello you! There have been some reports of a mysterious figure stealing from the train.

Catch a thief!I wonder if this thief is behind the recent mine shortages. Please ride the train and see if you can catch him in the act... Go now!

Inside Train

  • Depending on the NPCs in the cars there will be randomly generated rumors about you but one person always says the same thing
  • Fred:I wish I was back there with my friends.....

You see J6 trying to break into the burner he looks at you tears off the door throws it grabs a piece of Crystalized Dragon's breath and flies out the pipe

  • Joe Jingle:Hey you! Your not supposed to be in here! What are you doing?
  • You:Hey! some guy just took that glowy rock from the engine
  • Joe Jingle:What? You took the Crystalized Dragon's Breath? Guards!
  • You:No wait! Not me... it was the guy with the glowing eyes!
  • Joe Jingle:Suuuure it was, and where is he now? Did he just fly out the window?
  • You:No, he flew out that tube... Quick! We can still catch him!
  • Joe Jingle:Are you crazy? You'll get blown off the top! Here, use this gravity suit, it will prevent you from falling off the train.It also has a built in plasma welder, so let's set that to stun.

On the Train Roof

  • You:It's over, there's nowhere to hide, give back what you took!
  • J6:You know, I like you, you've got a quick draw. Needs some practice, But you've got potential kid. Ok, lets make a deal.If you can beat me in a dual it's all yours.
  • You:What? I just beat you in six duals!
  • J6:If I was trying to defeat you, you would have been disabled in the engine room. I was just testing your shooting skills.So do you think you can beat me one last time?
  • J6:Good try kid, but still not fast enough.

You:Best two out of three?

  • J6:No time. This is my stop. Good luck next time, kid.
  • Joe Jingle:Too bad, looks like he got away. I don't think this is the last we'll see of him though.By the way... I took some credits to repair the damage you took. Next time try not to get hit or waste so much ammo!


  • The number of credits you receive depends partly on how many shots you missed in the minigame.
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