Chief Duncan

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Chief Duncan


Soluna Police Department



Chief Duncan is an honorable and just protector of Soluna city.

Important Text

Chief Duncan: The crime wave is getting out of control! The city needs you.


  • (Not available after you Join.)

Chief Duncan: Hmmmm..... Look me in the eyes citizen and ask me that again.

Chief Duncan: <Your Character Name>, I have been on the police force my entire life.

Chief Duncan: I can tell if a person is lying just by looking them square in the eyes.

Try this experiment at home. People tend to look one way with their eyes when remembering something, and look the other way when they are "trying to make something up". Come up with a few questions and quiz your friend while watching their eye movements to test this. With a little practice you may become a human lie detector!

Chief Duncan: I watched your eyes when you asked to join the Soluna Police Department.

Chief Duncan: ...and frankly, I am shocked.

Chief Duncan: ...

Chief Duncan: Shocked at how sincere and honest you are! I have a strong gut feeling about you... you are the real deal, kid!

Chief Duncan: You're the protector this city has been waiting for!

Chief Duncan: The SPD would be honored to have you and your Mecha piloting skills on the force.

Chief Duncan: Welcome aboard! You will have to work your way up the ranks, but you can grab a Police cap from the Uniform closet right now.

Chief Duncan: Oh, nearly forgot! Every good crimefighter needs a SPD Notebook to keep clues in!

Chief Duncan: What are you waiting for? Get suited up and let's get to work. It's crime busting time!

Joined SPD
Congratulations. You are now a proud member of the Soluna Police Department. Your starting rank is Crossing Guard! Go on police missions to help fight crime in the city and search for clues that may solve the crime wave.


Chief Duncan: The Crime Wave is out of control. Reports of theft are being reported all over town at an alarming rate!

Chief Duncan: Worst of all, there seems to be no rhyme or reason on why these things are being stolen.

Chief Duncan: It is going to take some serious detective work to figure out this puzzle and we are already short here at the station.

Go On Patrol

  • (Only available after you Join.)

Chief Duncan: Let's get moving. The citizens are counting on us to restore order and justice!


  • (Unlocks after you Join.)

Chief Duncan: It is important to wear your Police Uniform and hat. The uniform is a symbol of respect and authori-tye.





  • Chief Duncan was originally named Police Chief before the release of the SPD.