Dean's Office

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Warlic's Office


Before Level 5

Dean Warlic: Greetings <character name>. Your results from the entrance exam were impressive, but you still lack experience However, you seem to have great potential. Return to me when you have learnt more about the ways of Mecha.

Level 5 and up

There is different dialogue depending on how far through the story you are.

Meeting Dean Warlic for the first time

  • Warlic: <character name>. You are my number one choice for a top-secret mission. Do you accept?Very well, there is no turning back. Not even the Kingadent knows what I am about to tell you.Captain Sys-Zero is Missing in Action! He was on a top secret mission to find out what happened to our military.GEARS University students have been this city's sole defense throughout this war.I'm afraid that the Kingadent may have declared victory way too early. I hope this is not the case.However it is greatly disturbing that Sys-Zero is gone. You must find him before it's too late.He may have information that the Kingadent needs!

Talking to Dean Warlic again before completing the Rescue! mission

  • Warlic: Sys-Zero's last known location was the town of Tibattleonia Are you ready for your mission?

Talking to Dean Warlic again after completing the Rescue! mission

  • Warlic: The Kingadent has requested you for a top secret mission. We will need a working Starship first.

Before finding all of the Starship Parts in the Starship Parts mission.

  • Warlic: There is a Starship docked at the Soluna Spaceport. However, it has been sabotaged. You will need to find replacement parts.

After finding all of the Starship Parts in the Starship Parts mission.

  • Warlic: Very good. You have found all of the parts. The Starship is being repaired. Now, report to the Kingadent.
Dean's Office
Location Info
Level Required: 3
Location: GEARS University (Soluna City Main Screen -> GEARS University -> Elevator -> Floor 5 ->Dean Warlic's Office)
Connected Areas:
SC Needed: No
Notes: None
Shops and NPCs
Shops: None
NPCs: Warlic
Quests: Warlic's Missions