Desert Wanderer

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Desert Wanderer
Mecha Battle
Objective: Completed!
Great shooting partner! Continue defeating bandits and taming harsh desert sands to earn the respect of Almonia!
Location Info
Level Required: 5
Location: Alamonia Town (Westion > Clyde > Mission > Desert?/Let's Go!)
SC Needed: No
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy Generation: Random
Mecha Enemy List:
OM Enemy List: None
NPCs: Clyde
Total Experience: Scaled
Total Credits: Scaled


If you go Desert?

  • Clyde: It's very easy to get lost in the shifting desert sands. The town coordinates are uploaded to your mecha nav system.There are some abandoned mecha repair stations out there if you're lucky enough to find them.Also, the bandits have stashed tons of treasure out there. Anything you find is yours for the keeping.The more bandits you destroy, the more reputation you will earn in this town. So, are you ready to brave the desert sands?


This quest is used to increase your Reputation with Alamonia. Each time you complete the quest you have a chance of gaining 5 Faction Points with Alamonia. The more monsters you kill the higher chance of getting Faction points and even a chance of getting a maximum of 10 faction points per quest. The max amount of Faction Points you can receive from this quest is 100.

There is a possibility to find Treasure Chests.

There are also some Repair Stations hidden through the desert landscape. A common area to find one is from the starting screen go down and then right. (not always there)

NB! It is possible to go through all direction (left, right, up and down) as long as you don't get the message 'Unpassable Terrain'

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