Disturbed Clown

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Immobility: 70

Disturbed Clown
Clowning around in this mecha is deadly! Star Captains have a small chance to unlock this mecha's instant-win pilot abduction ability!
Level Required: 23
Hit Points: 437
Energy Points: 315
Energy Regeneration: 12
Location: April Fools 2009 shop
Price: 253,000 Credits
Sellback: 25,300 Credits
SC Needed: No
Notes: Special Abilities are SC only.
Available Slots: Front Arm/ Back Arm/ Front Shoulder/ Back Shoulder/ Head/
Front Arm: Disturbed Slash
Back Arm: Disturbed Punchy
Front Shoulder: Disturbed Bazooka (front)
Back Shoulder: Disturbed Bazooka (back)
Body: Disturbed Boutonniere
Head: Disturbed UFO Head