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GEARS University Shuttle, Mecha Combat 101, SDF Reliant


  • Dooder is going to GEARS University with you, he is very excited about Kingident Slugwrath and the prospect of aliens attacking, but he doesn't want it to stop his classes!
  • Some students find it easier to get high scores when playing during class.


GEARS University Shuttle

Dooder: I hear Kingident Slugwrath is going to make a statement tomorrow on the UFO heading straight towards our planet!

Dooder: The transmission is about to start. This is so exciting!

The scene then changes to Slugwrath making a speech on the screen, this speech can be found in Kingident Slugwrath Entry.

Dooder: Woah, what a totally great kingident! He is like so charismatic and righteous.

Dooder: Dude, I can't believe real aliens are going to attack. I hope this does not affect my classes. That would totally harsh my mellow.

Mecha Combat 101

Aleysia: So there you are <Your Character>. You are late.

<Your Character>: I am late?

Aleysia: Yes, you are exactly 3.0456 seconds late.

<Your Character>: (Is she being serious?)

Dooder: She is totally being serious.

Sally: Oh yeah, she means it.

Aleysia: Yes, I am serious!

Aleysia: I do not care what you scored on your entrance exam <Your Character Name>....

Aleysia: (Although <his/her> score was pretty impressive.)

Aleysia: In the future YOU are expected to be on time. Else, I will fail you right out of my class!

<Your Character>: (*GULP*)

Aleysia: You may now take your seat.

Your Character: (At least she is not going to make me wear a silly hat.)

Aleysia: <Your Character>, as punishment for being late, you must wear this hat.

Your Character: (...)

Your Character: (I am going to pass all her tests and show her what I am really made of. Just you wait and see!)

Aleysia: Now, where was I. Oh yes...

SDF Reliant

Dialogue (0-9 Valor Badges)

Starbuck: Wow! That last battle was exciting! However, the fighting has been getting much tougher lately...

Dooder: To think... Yesterday we were mere college students. Today, we are decorated soldiers!

Sally: Well, I'd prefer to destroy that rock now and get out of here! We stand no chance against that armada!

Dooder: Heh! I bet we can win! Starbuck already has over 100 Valor badges! With him on our side, we'll never lose!

Starbuck: Sally's right, Dooder. The sooner we blow up that rock, the better...

Starbuck: Oh! Hi, <character's name>! Are you ready for some serious combat?

Starbuck: If you prove yourself in battle, you will earn Valor Badges!

Starbuck: Who knows, Maybe someday, you'll have more than I do! Talk to us again when you have 10 badges!

Dialogue (10-24 Valor Badges)

Starbuck: This is starting to get serious! I can't believe how vicious it is getting out there!

Dooder: Yeah! It's very hard out there, but there's hope! I heard <character's name> already has <number of badges earned> badges!

Sally: Yeah... he hasn't been with us very long... he is showing great promise!

Starbuck: Oh! Hi, <character's name>! I see you have some badges! Great job! I bet you can't get 25 badges!

Dialogue (25-49 Valor Badges)

Starbuck: I almost didn't make it back last time! Those new Shadowscythe units are very effective.

Dooder: Honestly, I'm starting to get a little scared. The Shadowscythe Armada is approaching faster than before.

Sally: Yeah, and they have thwarted every attempt that we have to destroy the asteroid.

Starbuck: With soldiers like <character's name> fighting for us, there is still hope!

Starbuck: Oh! Hi <character's name>! Wow! <number of badges earned> Valor Badges! Great work, soldier! Are you tough enough to get 50 badges?

Dialogue (50-100 Valor Badges)

Starbuck: Did you see the size of that unit? I barely escaped!

Dooder: Yeah, when it attacked us, my entire unit went into total chaos!

Sally: Maybe if <character's name> was with us the fight would of gone better.

Starbuck: Yeah... he has <number of badges earned> Valor Badges! The only person with more is myself!

Starbuck: But I have been here longer... Oh, hi <character's name>! You are awesome! Can you beat my record of 100 badges?

Dialogue (Over 100 Valor Badges)

Starbuck: I was defeated in the last battle. I have never seen anything like that unit that attacked me!

Starbuck: I was truly lucky to escape! It barely missed my escape pod as I ejected!

Starbuck: <character's name>., You are the best soldier on the ship! You are our last hope!

Dooder: Yeah, I can't believe you have <number of badges earned>! That's amazing!

Sally: Yeah, with you on our side,I feel hopeful that we may go home soon!

Starbuck: You are a true inspiration to our troops, <character's name>. I salute you!