Dr. Jack Springenstein

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Dr. Jack Springenstein


Amity - (Mortis)

Important Text


Jack:I am Dr. Springstein.

Jack:That's pronounced "Steen" not "Stine"... I am the android mayor of Amity.

Jack:My creator was the legendary Dr. Bruce Springstein, that's pronounced, "Stine", not "Steen!"

Jack:The difference in pronounciation was important to him, because he wanted me to be a distinct individual.

Jack:He was elated when I became mayor of this town 5000 years ago... He died shortly after, a proud man.

Jack:The Headless Horsemecha was also his creation, but he could never control the creature.

Jack:He was forced to banish it from the town forever, but it has returned for its revenge!

Jack:This town has a very unique power source of magical candy that comes from the well in the centre of the town.

Jack:The Headless Horsemecha and his vile minions recently attacked the town and took all of our candy.

Jack:Without this source of power, I am afraid that everything in the town, including myself, will eventually break down.

Jack:The evil creature also stole the head of my greatest invention, an android named Shelley

Jack:I created Shelley to be my beloved companion.She is the result of a lifetime of work.

Jack:The Headless Horsemecha must be defeated to save this town and Shelley! Please help us!

Before you Unlock all the Clues

Jack:We are winning, but we need to find a way to destroy the Headless Horsemecha! Search the countryside for clues!


Jack:Ah this is strange... hmmmm... Crane... I don't know anyone by that name... There must be some significance...

Jack:Otherwise, why would the horsemecha's minion carry this name?

First Clue

(Unlock when you obtain the "Dirty Shovel")

Jack:Ah... a shovel... covered with fresh dirt. I wonder if this "Crane" character has a profession related to digging?

Second Clue

(Unlock when you obtain the "Scorched Hooved Footprints")

Jack:Scorched Hooved Footprints in the cemetery? That could only be the Headless Horsemecha himself!

Jack:Hmmm... I have an idea... Please return to the cemetery and search for a grave labeled "Crane".

Jack:Then dig it up with a shovel...

Final Clue

(Unlock when you obtain the "A Hideous Jack O Lanturn Head")

Jack:Eureka! You done it! That is the horsemecha's head! Now, we can use the magic of the town's candy on it...

Jack:To make the Horsemecha mortal again! Then when you meet him in battle, you will actually be able to harm him!

Jack:Now that you possess his head, the Headless Horsemecha will stay away from you... at least for now...

After finding all the Clues

Jack:The time has come! I have completed the enchantment on the Horsemecha's head! Now you may destroy him!

After defeating the Horsemecha

Jack:You did it, (insert character name)! The Headless Horsemecha has been destroyed!


Jack:Ah, (insert character name)! Thank you so much for your help! Amity is saved!

Jack:Now, get ready to witness my greatest triumph as an inventor!

Jack:You were able to retrieve Shelley's head from the clutches of the Headless Horsemecha!

Jack:Now, using the power of the town's candy, I shall bring life to the machine!

Shelley:System initialization... BIOS check... Memory test check... Booting Winux OS ver. 10...

Shelley:Vox generator coming online... Hello. I am Shelley. Nice to meet you!

Jack: Eureka! She's ...Alive! This is the greatest moment of my life!Shelley, I am Dr. Jack Springenstein

Jack:Until now I was the only one of my kind. Now there is you too...

Shelley:Hmmm... Are you saying that I was invented to be the Bride of Springenstein? That is kinda creepy...

Jack:Oh No! Not at all! You were programmed with an advanced AI that far exceeds my own.

Jack:As a result, you have an almost human sense of individuality. You are the next evolution of my kind.

Jack:My inventor the late and great Dr. Bruce Springenstein planted a sub routine deep within my memory banks.

Jack:This sub routine instilled wthin my deepest consiousness, a desire to improve on my design.

Jack:Now I have finished creating you, the sub routine has terminated, leaving my mind at peace...

Jack:I am... happy. Now, I have so much to show you! That is, if we can be friends!

Shelley:Yes, I would like that very much! I have so may questions... So much to learn...

Jack:Thank you (insert character name)! My father would have been so proud!

Shelley:Yes.Thank you (insert character name), I owe you my life!