Drakel Power Armor V5

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Drakel Power Armor V5
An expiremental mecha design by Qjik'Han at Khaeldron Labs.
Level Required: 21
Hit Points: 310
Energy Points: 199
Energy Regeneration: 14
Location: Khaeldron Prophecy (mecha)
Price: 210,114 Credits
Sellback: 21,011 Credits
SC Needed: No
Notes: The "common" version of Drakel War Armor V5, which has less health, energy, regen and the shield ability. Can be combined with a powercell to created the Powermerged Drakel Armor V5.
Available Slots: Front Arm/ Back Arm/ Front Shoulder/ Back Shoulder/Body
Front Arm: Drakel Lance
Back Arm: Mana Blaster
Front Shoulder: Disruptor Managun (front)
Back Shoulder: Disruptor Managun (back)
Body: None
Head: None
Drakel War Armor V5.PNG
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