Drakel Sanctus Sphere

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Drakel Sanctus Sphere
Creates a spherical energy field that can relfect damage back at the attacker.
Level Required: 21
Equip Spot: Body
Hits: 0
Damage: 0 - 0 None
Total Damage: 0 - 0 None
DPT: -1
DPE: -0.1
Energy Consumption: 20
Cooldown: 5 turn(s)
Location: Default:Powermerged War Armor V5
Price: N/A
Sellback: N/A
SC Needed: No
Notes: +5 defense with chance of reflecting damage per hit from opponent
Drakel War Armor V5.PNG

Chance on Hit

by activating through an effect called Shield Activated

  • Subtracts 1% damage from each hit, and deals approximately 25% of the damage you take to the enemy.
  • Lasts for 5 turns.


Defense: +5