Equinox Star Steed

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Equinox Star Steed
Top of the line Equin technology.
Level Required: 20
Hit Points: 375
Energy Points: 190
Energy Regeneration: 15
Location: Wrangler Mecha Shop
Price: 209,995 Credits
Sellback: 20,995 Credits
SC Needed: Yes
Notes: Came out as replacement after the staff accidentally re-released the Equinox War Steed.
Available Slots: Front Arm,Back Arm,Front Shoulder,Back Shoulder,Head,Body
Front Arm: Star Musket
Back Arm: Roundup Whip
Front Shoulder: Volatile Dynamite (front)
Back Shoulder: Volatile Dynamite (back)
Body: Flaming Horseshoes
Head: Chipotle Breath
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