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MiniGame Quest! Change into your spy uniform and infiltrate the Shadowscythe Computer System!
Objective: Completed!
Great job! You infiltrated the Shadowscythe and retrieved information from their supercomputer system!
Location Info
Level Required: 5
Location: GEARS University (Warlic's Missions) (Soluna City -> Gears University -> Dean Warlic)
SC Needed: No
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy Generation: Fixed
Mecha Enemy List: Bloodhound
OM Enemy List: Shadowscythe Pilot
Total Experience: Scaled
Total Credits: Scaled

Requirements (Level/Completion of Other Quests): Completion of Chase


At the Start of the Quest

Odessa Pureheart: <insert character name here>, I'll need you to sneak into the Shadowscythe base and hack their supercomputer system.The base is just up ahead. Shadowscythe guard patrols are light at this time. Try to get in undetected!


Odessa Pureheart: When your in the base, you can move forward by pressing the right arrow key.... There are motion detecting cameras inside. You must stay very still when they pass over you. Press the left arrow key to stay extra still!Watch out for roaming laser bots! You will need to press the down arrow key to dodge their lasers!These movement techniques should allow you to safely navigate the supercomputer.

Roll: Sneak Check (Need 50 or higher)

If pass:

You get into the supercomputer.

If fail:

Fight Bloodhound

You get into the supercomputer.

Inside the SuperComputer

When you are inside the supercomputer, there will be two things. Motion cameras and laser bots. To dodge motion cameras, stay perfectly still. Use the left arrow key (or do nothing). If you are caught, you fight a Shadowscythe Pilot. To dodge laser bots, press the down arrow key. If the laser hits you, your mecha gets hurt. When you see a screen with a chickencow on it, it signals the end of the quest.

When at the ChickenCow Screen

Clicky! (You can click the glyphs more than once.)

When at the "Hack a Crack"

If pass:

Odessa Pureheart: Excellent work! We found some very useful information about: <insert object here>.

If fail:

Odessa Pureheart: Oh well, we didn't get any information this time. We'll have to try again later.

Battle Bloodhound


  • If you do not have the Espionage Uniform, you will be automatically equipped with it at start of quest.
  • Spy Uniform gives +5 to the roll.
  • There is a long list of items you can discover.
  • There is currently no end to this quest. You may post the things you discovered.
  • If at any point you die from the quest, (once your inside the supercomputer), you will start over.

Information You Can Get

  • Arachnid Corruption
  • Babies
  • Bacon Making
  • Bacon's Recipe
  • Battlecruiser Hotwire Instructions
  • Battlepiggies
  • Blimp Driver Salaries
  • Cheap Mecha Software Upgrades
  • Computer Worms
  • Deadly Chickens
  • Dean Warlic's Masouse
  • Election Results
  • EvilCorp Consumer Safety Ratings
  • Gears' Floor Plan
  • GEARS Pilots IM
  • Hair Removal
  • Holy Axes
  • Hot Guitar Licks
  • Hot Guitar Picks
  • Human Makeup Techniques
  • Indestructable Pants
  • Kicking Little Rabbits
  • Maximize Hot Dog Consumption
  • Mix Breeding of Chicken and Cow
  • Moglinberry Recipe
  • Moglinepie Recipe
  • Monkeys
  • Nurse's Healing Technology
  • Planetary Defense Weaknesses
  • Planet's Defense Systems
  • SDF Weakness
  • Slugwrath's REAL Election Results
  • Sock Puppets
  • Sys-Zero Little Black Book
  • Sys-Zero's Memories
  • Syz-Zero's Diary
  • The Number 42
  • Time Machines
  • Westion Napalm Chili
  • Wolfgang's Bike Engines
  • Yogurt
  • Zombie Moves
  • Zombie Survival
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