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Welcome to a simple guide to farming. I will update this as MQ progresses and the AE team makes more of these. For those of you who don't know, farming is a somewhat necessary method used by RPG players to increase their XP, their Gold (or in this case, Credits), or both. Farmers constantly repeat a task, usually battling or a quest, to obtain said goals. These are the names, locations, and ways to defeat each way of farming. To those who help make this guide better, please try to make requirements that DO NOT require Star Captain status, since players may not have Star Captain.--Imaginarydud 22:34, 1 January 2008 (EST)

Order #66 (Rusty Rat quest)

50 Experience and 300 Credits per battle. The only slightly annoying thing is repairing your mech between battles.

Location: Mecharoni's (Parma John)

Requirements: 4240 Credits, Level 8, Mecharoni Position 18.

Enemies: Big Rusty Rat

Minimum Required Equipment:

  • Front Shoulder: None

Strategy: [PS/SFL/PS/SM/Skip/PS] If you miss once, EJECT IMMEDIATELY. YOU WILL DIE! The weapon usage is mine personally, and may end at Sling Missile or Pizza Saw-ser, depending on how much damage each turn gives. He is usually dead using this strategy, unless he gets in few max. damage shots or a critical. After the battle is over, REPAIR YOUR MECH!

(WARNING: The above strategy sometimes works, but more often than not will fail if used in that turn pattern. The most effective turn pattern is [PS/SFL/PS/SM/PS/SKIP/PS]) Phyre Faeth

Bug Squash!

80 Experience and 500 Credits per battle.

Location: GEARS University Entrance, go right towards the webbing

Requirements: 59050/62050 Credits, SPD Rank 27, Mecharoni Position 18, Level 8, or 500 Nova Gems for Candy Elf (If possible to get at current time).

Enemies: Mega Spider

Minimum Required Equipment:

Note: You can get Battlehammer v2 from the special shop and that makes it easier. Or a house Mecha -I am not Imaginarydud

Strategy: Now, as above, you can either have the Pizza Saw-ser or the Used Electron Sniper, although the UES works much better in this battle and you have a decreased chance of dying, although 5000 credits is quite a bit more than 2000 for the PS. Without the UES, the strategy is this: [PIT/PL/SM/PL/PS/PIT/SM]. With the UES: [UES/PL/PIT/PL/UES/SM/PL] (Sometimes the battle ends before the PL is used). With the UES, the Mega Spider has less chance to hurt you or freeze you with the Sticky Web, thus a lesser chance of failure. Now I know it is a Minimum Required equipment, but the PS may not be able to deliver on that most of the time, so, yeah.--Imaginarydud 23:38, 1 January 2008 (EST)


100 Experience and 500 Credits per battle.

Location: Soluna Police Department (Chief Duncan)

Requirements: 100000 to 122500 Credits at least, Level 10 (suitably higher) , SPD 27.

Enemies: Mega Lupus

Minimum Required Equipment:

Note: You can also use, for 5000 credits, a Battle Hammer v2, which you find in the special shop. No SC required. Use default weapons and you can use the Wolf Head. Bye -I did not create this Farming Guide


Ok, this is my strategy: 1. Start off with Sling Missile as this cannot make the Mega Lupus Transform. 2. KABOOM with your Silver Crossbow. 3. Use Solar Mega Blaster. 4. Attack with the N-00B Missile. 5. Rinse and Repeat...LOL! BUT don't forget that you must skip a turn some times... I don't bother writing the whole strategy down...

GOOD LUCK!-----Dracosmasher888

Gummer the Gummerian

100 Experience and 500 Credits per battle. You just have to watch Gummer's entry each time..

Location: Magic and Novelty Item Store (Mysterious Johnson)

Requirements: 25000 Credits, Level 5, Ghost Hunter Rank 21.

Enemies: Gummer

Minimum Required Equipment:

  • Head: (any)
  • Front Arm: (any)
  • Front Shoulder: (any)
  • Back Shoulder: (any)

Strategy: Use the equipment and tactics that works best for you, but the Perfect Ghost Trap comes in rather useful here, as all you have to do is hit Gummer for 100 damage and use the Trap before he takes you out. (The Perfect Trap has a 100% chance to capture ghosts, so when he starts glowing red at 50 or less hit points the Trap acts as an instant kill.)

Note: To get a few credits, go Ghost Hunting! (According to MQWiki), all of the enemies give 250 credits, apart from Gummer, who give 500.


Location: Hospital

Requirements: lvl 3

Enemies: Random Shadowscythe

Minimum Required Equipment: None

Strategy: There are four quests/mini-games when you talk to Nurse Helia: Autopsy, Hospital Defense, Medical Supply Delivery and Helicopter Game.

Hospital Defense and Medical Supply Delivery are a simple battle. Helicopter Game is a long mini game followed by a battle which has a reward depending on how many doctors you rescue, but the reward is always pretty small.

Autopsy, however, yields 500 gold and 100 xp per perfect completion. I have found that the best way of farming in the Hospital is do Emergency and take the battles that come at you, obviously take the Autopsy, but back out of the Helicopter Game as it is too time consuming.

The best part of Autopsy is that as it is a mini game, you can do it without having to soup up your mech (there are no enemies to fight). If you are playing MQ on a laptop you have an advantage as having a steady hand is much easier when using a touch pad (if you don't believe me: try it) also some people find it easier on a higher resolution (change MQ screen size to biggest).


Thanks tokingsam 15:53, 14 February 2008 (EST)


100 x your level credits, no EXP for finishing, + whatever Enemies you beat

Location: GEARS University (Wolfblade) (Mystraven) (Runehawk)

Requirements: None, enemies are scaled to you mech so can be completed with any mech

Enemies: Mino-ton level 3 (with Newbatron V1 and Mino-Ton with any level 12 mech. Mino-ton level 5 with any level 3 mech. Also all mechs from battle button

Minimum Required Equipment:

  • Head: (any)
  • Front Arm: (any)
  • Back Arm: (any)
  • Front Shoulder: (any)
  • Back Shoulder: (any)

Strategy: use your strongest weapons, if you can't beat any mechs, avoid them all, if you can beat Mino-ton level 3 with your equipment do, you get an extra 200 credis. this is good for all levels and works well for level 3 mechs aswell

Another Strategy not posted by Kinsam: If you want to buy an expensive Mecha, kill all enemies, using the heal pads every couple of battles. Recommended for someone who has a Battle Hammer or Police, Hospital, Mecharoni, House, Upgraded, SC, or Special Mecha.

Yokai Monkey Shrine Assault (RECOMENDED)

This is best place to farm money AND exp so far in the game. Well, the point of farming is short fights that give the same or higher amount of exp and money. In this place every enemy has almost half of the common enemies health and give the SAME amount of exp and money of common fights. Works to levels 5 to 45. AMAZING! The bad point is that you have to unlock it and it takes a while, but once you do, go to Yokai, travel to the dojo, click missions, shrines, monkey shrine and assault. ENJOY! User: dracularei|Malvado Just note that for low level players (1-15 or so in this case), and especially those that are F2P it is extremely difficult to even get past the Crane Master and even if you do, it is even less likely you will be able to complete an assault. Even using the best mechs available to me as well as rare weapons and using power stats it is mostly luck. Don't waste your time if you are F2P, level up a few times, get better gear, and try again.-Camodude

Crane Master Guide For Low Level F2P

First go to Traveler and go to his shop Traveler (Wares) and buy some rare gear. Right now Gatling Shell(head) and Jantraba(back arm) are in stock for level 10 and 16 etc. These have good Effects that help your chances for victory, in this case you need Accuracy and Defense. Look for others as well that compliment your more high-end gear. I find the N-UBER Missle Series to be very effective. You need to do an average of about 35 damage per turn.

The ideal mech for this scenario would be around 250+HP and 90+EP. Always be sure to keep your stats to the max and apply them accordingly- what House you choose has a big impact on this due to the mechs available and their HP/EP limitations(Stats can be Trained at Mech Piloting 101 at GEARS University).