Feral Werewolf

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Feral Werewolf
Revival version of the Werewolf. Star Captain only: Unlock the Were-bite head attack! Lycanthropic Acid may sizzle your enemy for a period of time. Chance to heal you on strike.
Level Required: 06
Hit Points: 184
Energy Points: 81
Energy Regeneration: 3
Location: SPD Impound
Price: 15000
Sellback: 1500
SC Needed: no
Notes: Default head is sc only
Available Slots: FA,BA,FS,BS,HEAD,BODY
Front Arm: New Heart of the wolf
Back Arm: New spirit of the wolf
Front Shoulder: New wolfshoulder
Back Shoulder: new wolfshoulder
Body: Wolf Howl
Head: Were-bite (Star Captain only)