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What It Is

Gamma is Alpha Testing and Beta Testing put together. This was done in MechQuest due to lack of time before the promised release date, October 1st.

When It Happened

Gamma came out at roughly 5:30 PM EST on October 1st 2007. It is still running at the moment and the end of it is unknown.

Who Can Play

Anyone can do Gamma testing in MechQuest, however, those who have Verified their AdventureQuest Guardian Account and Verified their DragonFable Dragon Amulet Account will get priority if the servers needs less people during testing. Also, those who have verified can access the special shop for better equipment.

Where to Play

You can play MechQuest through the MechQuest Homepage. You will have to create an account first though.

What is the game?

MechQuest is a newly released 2D flash RPG. You, the newbie space pilot must defeat enemy mechs, while leveling up and buying new weapons and mechs. It is leading up to landing in Solana Ciy and be able to join the G.E.A.R.S. university (as long as you pass the exam) and learn how to be a great mecha pilot, still in gamma though

AE's other games

Artix Entertainment has many other games. Those include their larger games...

They are both web RPGs based on 2D. The art is amazing, don't let the 2D part fool you. AE has a website called "" It hosts their many mini-games. They also have a Forum Community, with over 100,000 members.