Ghost Hunting

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Ghost Hunting
Mech Battle Oh no! The ghost containment unit was breached! Now you must work with Mysterious Johnson to capture the ghosts that have escaped!
Objective: Completed!
Another ghost has either been defeated or captured! The streets of Soluna are just a little bit safer.
Location Info
Level Required: 3
Location: Magic and Novelty Item Store (Mysterious Johnson)
SC Needed: No
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy Generation: Random
Mecha Enemy List:
OM Enemy List: None
Total Experience: Random
Total Credits: Random


Dialogues and Quest Events

Mysterious Johnson: I am Mysterious Johnson! Mrs. Cleopatra is always wrong! Mysterious Johnson is always right! Mysterious Johnson predicted you would come to his magic and novelty item shop and has predicted what YOU want!

Click "Wow, really?" to continue!

Mysterious Johnson: Mysterious Johnson shall grant you access to the identity cloaking SPECTRE SPECS.

Click "Ghost Sunglasses?" to continue!

Mysterious Johnson: Spectre Specs Will remove the blindfolds of the illusionary world in which you live! Things seen can never been unseen! Are you certain?

Click "Free Stuff? OK!" to continue!

Mysterious Johnson:Very well. Go retrive the Ingcognito Spectre Specs! Beware! Mysterious Johnson's backroom holds many secrets!

Click "Get Glasses" to do the quest!

Quest Begins!

Evylanna: Please help me! Mysterious Johnson has imprisioned me here! Press the big red button... PLEASE!

Now pic either the Spectre Specs or Press the big Red button! (Screenshot)

If you press the Big Red Button

The fairy gets away and the dialogues below will happens.

If you try taking the Spectre Specs:

You will suddenly hit the red button while running to pick the Spectre Specs!

Evylanna: MUAHAHAHA! Now, Iam free to wreak havoc on the land! Thank you <Insert Character name>! I'll make sure to destroy you last!

Mysterious Johnson: Mysterious Johnson is very disappointed that you pressed the button. Did you not heed the warning? Obviously your mind was corrupted by the power of evil spirits contained within. Mysterious Johnson predicted that the containment unit would be breached, just not when and how. Now you and Mysterious Johnson share fates! It is our combined responsibility to recapture the ghosts. You shall go forth to find and defeat the ghosts.Mysterious Johnson shall remain here and construct a stronger containment unit! <Your Character name> and Mysterious Johnson are now partners! Do not fail to Mysterious Johnson!