Gift Frost Ray (back)

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This is one of the Items found during the Winter Holiday 2008!
It was introduced during a Seasonal Event, and is only available in the game during the event, or possibly never again.
This event occurred from 12/19/2008 to 01/09/2009.

Gift Frost Ray (back)
A concentrated blast of freezing power with multiple ice specials!
Level Required: 16
Equip Spot: Back Arm
Hits: 2
Damage: 16 - 26 None
Total Damage: 32 - 52 None
DPT: 42
DPE: 1.8
Energy Consumption: 24
Cooldown: 3 turn(s)
Location: Owen's Trees
Price: 0 Credits
Sellback: 0 Credits
SC Needed: Yes
Notes: Was originally called:Gift Box 3008 (16 back)‎

Chance on Hit

  • Weapons Systems Freezing!Lowers enemy damage by 50% for 2 turns
  • Frozen Gears! Does DoT for 2 turns.
  • Frosty! Does 40%-70% damage increase.