Golden Frying Pan

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Golden Frying Pan
State of the art culinary device made from a Gold and Unobtainium alloy that can apparently make mecha-sized omelets! High K.O. chance!
Level Required: 20
Equip Spot: Front Arm
Hits: 1
Damage: 42 - 52 None
Total Damage: 42 - 52 None
DPT: 47
DPE: 1.6
Energy Consumption: 30
Cooldown: 4 turn(s)
Location: Ultimate NG Prize
Price: 300 Nova Gems
  • First 24 Hours: 225 Nova Gems
  • After That: 75 Nova Gems
SC Needed: Nova
Notes: 50% chance to stun, according to the forums
Gold Frying Pan.png

Chance on Hit