Gummer the Gummerian

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Gummer the Gummerian
Mecha Battle
Objective: Completed!
Gummer the Gummerian has been defeated and now there's enough tasty gummy candy to feed everyone in Soluna! Very Mysterious!
Location Info
Level Required: 3
Location: Magic and Novelty Item Store (Mysterious Johnson)
SC Needed: No
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy Generation: Fixed
Mecha Enemy List: Gummer
OM Enemy List: None
NPCs: Mysterious Johnson
Total Experience: 100
Total Credits: 500



Mysterious Johnson: Mysterious Johnson has recieved a disturbing message from the beyond!The ship crash has indeed open a rift and the evil spirits have brought a powerful ghost through it.They have asked us to choose the form of our destroyer. They are telepathically scanning our thoughts. Mysterious Johnson has used an ancient and mysterious technique to clear his mind of all images.You must clear your mind too. Chant this mantra in your mind to clear your thoughts. I am a mystery. My thoughts and motives shall reamin mysterious! ...Repeat the mantra... and remembe. Do not think about candy... especially gummy bears! . . . (screen shakes) Mysterious Johnson is very perplexed. Why did you think about that? Of all things, why... that? Mysterious Johnson enjoys gummy bears too, but this is no time to think about candy!The destroyer, Gummer, the Gummerian is coming! Prepare for a mysterious battle! (Cutscene of Gummer walking from the movie theatre to Tek's Mech's)