Haunted Shuttle

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Haunted Shuttle
Exploration, Outside of Mech Battles, & Mecha Battle
Objective: Completed!
Excellent! You managed to alter the course of the starship! Now, it would miss Soluna City when it crashes.
Location Info
Level Required: 3
Location: Magic and Novelty Item Store (Mysterious Johnson)
SC Needed: No
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy Generation: Fixed
Mecha Enemy List: Ghost Angel
OM Enemy List: Machine Ghost
NPCs: Mysterious Johnson
Total Experience: 280
Total Credits: 1100



When You Start The Quest

Mysterious Johnson: Mysterious Johnson has teleported you aboard the doomed ship, S.S. Christine.Ghosts has taken control of this ship! It's on a crash course for Soluna City!The ship has an abnormally high concentration of paranormal energy because of the ghosts that haunt it.If it crashes into Soluna City, the energy of the crash combined with the supernatural energy will tear a rift in our plane!They plan to bring a terrible destroyer the rift. You must alter the course of this ship at all cost!Mysterious Johnson wishes you luck! This is a very serious task. Failiure is not an option!

When You Get to Where the Captain Sits

Message On Top: Navigational Systems Altered Mysterious Johnson: Mysterious Johnson detects a strange energy signature on the outside of this ship.Go get into your mecha and investigate the exterior!

Message On Top: MUAHAHAHA! We will destroy Soluna!

Next Screen

Message On Top: You are too late! We are making the final approach.

Next Screen

Message On Top: You cannot stop us!

Next Screen

Message On Top: You are doomed!

Before You Fight The Mecha

Mysterious Johnson: Mysterious Johnson has confirmed that there is a large supernatural entity on the outside of this ship!You must go outside and destroy it!

At the End of the Quest

Mysterious Johnson: Mysterious Johnson is very impressed. The ship's course has been altered. It will still crash, but not hit Soluna. You have saved thousands of lives. However, this ship is still charged with supernatural energy.When it crashes, it will very likely open a rift. The evil spirits still plan to bring their most powerful warrior through it.We must get ready for the final showdown. Mysterious Johnson is now teleporting you back to town.That was seriously mysterious!