Hero's Halberd

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Hero's Halberd
A devastating energy polearm weapon! Has a tendency to slice through mecha like butter!
Level Required: 28
Equip Spot: Front Arm
Hits: 5
Damage: 11 - 13 None
Total Damage: 55 - 65 None
DPT: 60
DPE: 1.4
Energy Consumption: 42
Cooldown: 4 turn(s)
Location: Arthurian(Valor Rewards)
Price: 1 Arthurian Halberd & 200 Valor Badges
Sellback: 0
SC Needed: No
  • Second hit has a chance for "Sharpened Spear! X% damage boost!", boosts damage of the following hits by X%, where X is a random number (range needed).
  • If your enemy is in an equipabble mecha (I.E. PvP or mecha-type enemies), first and last hits have a chance for "Severed connector! Disabled X!", adds 99 turns of cooldown to the opponent's X weapon, where X is randomly the opponent's Front Arm, Back Arm, or Head.
  • If your enemy is in a non-equippable mecha (I.E. monsters and non-playable mecha), first hit has a chance for "Sharpened Blades! Critical Chance +50%!", increases the chance for a Critical hit of the following hits by 50%.