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This guide tells you how to survive in this game.

For F2Ps

This is for free Players, like me.


You will have 5 stat points.You can use them to increase your piloting skills.Don't bother them till you at least have a level 5 mech.(TIP: till level 12 only concentrate on the stats needed for you, then for the next 12 levels spread the points in all the categories so each will have 10 more stat points.repeat the same process.)

Reflex: Increases your chance to dodge.Good for low HP mechs, like RuneHawk.

Power: Increases damage dealt.Necessary for a F2P if they ever want to do damage close to a SC.Good for Mystraven mechs due to their high damage range.

Accuracy: Increases chance to hit.

Efficiency: Decreases EP usage.Very good for WolfBlade mech's low EP.

Perception: Damage taken is reduced.Good for RuneHawks low HP.

Luck: Affects all rolls in a small and good way.


They will help you while following the instructions in this guide.

1.Avoid buying items for your mechs while following this guide.

2.Avoid using level 8-9 mechs in battles with enemies that scale to your level.

3.Sell your lower level mechs when buying a new mech as the those mechs are useless and consume space.(optional)

4.Do Magic and Novelty Item Store using a level 5-6 mech if you want.(thats the only way, as the mechs don't scale to your level, neither the ghost trap.)

5.Depending on your fighting style and requirements, select the house you want.

a.WolfBlade - damage and high HP, but low EP.

b.RuneHawk - DoT and high EP, but low HP.

c.Mystraven - Increased Critical Hit chance and medium HP and EP, but wide damage range.

6.If you have a level 8+ mech, challenge id 4 in assault mecha.You get 250 xp and 1750 credits.

The Dropship

Level 1-3

Do not buy a single weapon on the dropship and don't do the missoin Rescue. After reaching level 3 do Strange Blip and land the ship.

Soluna City

Level 3-6

Now buy a Katana v1.0 and buy a Glocket or a Switch Gun for single hits, or a Crusader's Shining Repeater for multiple hits for the front arm, and a Refurbished Machine Gun (back) for the back arm, and a N-00B Missile (4x) (back) or a Large Military Repeater for multiple hits, or a Retractable Rifle for bonus damage for the back shoulder.

Now do one of the following:-

1.Soluna Police Department(eject when facing Level 5(weremech) or 8 mechs){a}

2.Specific Hospital(Only mech battles){b}


Level 6-10

Now either buy a Nubertron or don't.Then do Labyrinth to join the house.(NOTE: If you did not buy Nubertron, then dodge Mino-ton)(TIP: First take the last left turn, then when he leaves the way to the chest free go there and get the chest)(NOTE: Join the House depending on what job you selected.{a} WolfBlade, {b} RuneHawk, {C} MystRaven)

If you don't have Nubertron then buy the house mech and a house head(both level 6).Then do MechCombat 101 till Class #9.

If you have a Nubertron then do MechCombat till Class #9.Then do Energy Blades 101 till 10/35 and do Advanced Combat Theory.

Then do The Knife and Spork till Challenge 4.Wolfbladers can buy the 3rd Prize.

Now go to any one of the planets ,except Gark and Planet 51, till you reach level 10(Level 8 for MystRaven and level 9 for WolfBlade).

Level 10-15

Wolfbladers should do Soluna Galactic Museum till 18/34 and buy the mech available.

Others buy the available mechs at the places they worked in.

Then do the rest of Classes in MechCombat 101.

Then complete Energy Blades 101.Then complete Advanced Combat Theory.(NOTE: Buy a Black Belt Energy Blade, you'll need it.)

Then do The Knife and Spork till Challenge 6.

Then do Gark then Planet 51 till completed.

Then do the planet you were doing before(not Gark and Planet 51) till level 15.

Level 15-20

This will be your worst time in Mechquest.

Either buy the level 15 house mech or don't.

If do, first do dinner challenge 6, then the planet(s) you have not done till level 20.

If not, do the planet(s) you have not done till level 20.

Level 20-25

Now buy the lev 20 house mech and lev 20 house head or if u want something else then :-

1.WolfBlade - Stempunk and upgrade it.

2.Mystraven - Drakel Armor and upgrade it.

3.RuneHawk - Herja

Now complete and do the jobs you have not done in Soluna City.

Then do the Diner Challenges till the last one.

Other Info

(NOTE: Please help in making sections for SCs and NGs.I'll keep Updating it till level 40) - by the maker of this guide, p69 gta

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