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The Dragonoid


Made by a highly intellectual dragon civilization 10,000 years ago to tip the scales for the dragons against the Shadowscythe.


Asteroid Cracking


Dragonoid: <character’s name>, You fought with valor. You are not Shadowscythe.

<character’s name>: How do you know my name?

Dragonoid: My auditory sensors can hear all frequencies, including your radio signals. I heard the entire battle.

<character’s name>: Are you a dragon? How did you get stuck in that asteroid?

Dragonoid: That is history long past….I am not a dragon. I was created by them as a weapon to use against the Shadowscythe. 10000 years ago, Dragons were an incredibly advanced civilization. They had established peace in their sector and dedicated themselves to the study of magic-science. However, a terrible force known as the Shadowscythe began a conquest of the universe. It wasn’t long before the Dragons and the Shadowscythe were embroiled in a war that lasted centuries. The fighting took heavy tolls on both sides. Every Dragon victory was followed by a Shadowscythe victory. Then, the Dragons created us, the Dragonoids. The Shadowscythe could not stop us. There were 10 Dragonoids in total. Our forces pushed the Shadowscythe back to the border of their galaxy. There was one Shadowscythe captain, Valoth, who figured out a way to stop the Dragonoids. Since they could not destroy us, they encased us in a crimson crystal and then used an explosion that sent us drifting away. They still couldn’t defeat us. They were only able to crystallize five of us. The remaining five learned to avoid the traps. The final battle happened in a small star system called Ligeia. The Shadowscythe soon realized that all was lost. Unbeknownst to the Dragons, they had rigged a battlecruiser with powerful explosives and sent it to the sun. The explosion was so strong, that it caused the sun to go supernova, destroying the entire system. Realizing the Shadowscythe’s plan at the last minute, the Dragons activated the Hyper Ladder. The Hyper Ladder was untested space travel technology. When they activated it, all Dragons vanished. It had sent the entire race into another dimension. There was no winner in this war. The Shadowscythe were so weakened afterwards, they had to return home to rebuild their civilization under Valoth’s rule. One Dragonoid was caught in the explosion and destroyed. I had drifted beyond out of the system by that time. I have drifted through the universe ever since, collecting dust and debris…forming that asteroid. The other four may still be drifting through space. I must find them. Perhaps our fate shall cross again. Farewell, <character’s name>.

Dragonoid Cutscene

The special cutscence that is available after you beat the Decimator in the Dragonoid War/Quest is available here.