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A map over the Labyrinth (Incomplete)
A map over the Blue Area
Minigame: Maze & Mecha Battles
Objective: Completed!
Congratulations! You made it through the twisting corridors of the labyrinth and retrieved the treasure at the end!
Location Info
Level Required: 3
Location: GEARS University
SC Needed: No
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy Generation: Random
Mecha Enemy List:
OM Enemy List: None
NPCs: Admina
Total Experience: Random and scaled
Total Credits: Random and scaled


  • Used to join a House.
  • The enemies you encounter is dependent upon the level of your mecha.
  • If you wait too long after eliminating Mino-Ton he will reawaken and you'll have to kill him again.
  • The enemies only changes direction when they hit a wall. The new direction is random.
  • Your get 100 credits x your money + the credits of the defeated enemies
  • Their is a maximum amount of credits and XP you can get in this quest it is based on your level.