Lucky Advanced Wolf

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Immobility: +80
Lucky Advanced Wolf
This Lucky version of the Advanced Wolfblade adds a boost to your Luck stat! STAR CAPTAIN BONUS: Has a unique Berserker ability that is only accesible by Star Captains. Scales to Level: 45
Level Required: 40
Hit Points: 400
Energy Points: 300
Energy Regeneration: 12
Price: 360,000 Credits
Sellback: 36,000 Credits
SC Needed: Yes
Available Slots: Head, Front Arm, Back Arm , Front Shoulder, Back Shoulder
Front Arm: Mega Turret V5
Back Arm: Calibrated Blaster V5
Front Shoulder: Airborne Shell V5
Back Shoulder: Airborne Shell V5
Body: Lucky Devastation V5
Head: Rage V5
Lucky Advanced Wolf.jpg