Maria 13

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Maria 13.png


A Needle in Space Quest, Westion orbit. must have completed Catch Firemane! first.


  • Mecha Repair
  • Mecha Equip




  • Maria 13: Welcome to EvilCorp Station 13. Do you have an appointment with Mr. Z?


  • Maria 13: Mr. Z's office is on the 100th floor. if you don't have an appointment, then it will be a VERY long elevator ride...*

What happened?

  • Maria 13: We detected a large deposit of Crystallized Dragon's Breath on the planet below... We beamed it aboard this station and got you along with it. Not to worry though... The CDB has been removed from your mecha. Now you may leave at any time!

You look familiar

  • Maria 13: This is impossible. I do not recognize your face. I was engineered to have photographic recall.Logic would dictate that you have mistaken me for someone else. It is a forgivable transgression considering your inferior memory...I am and always have been Maria 13 of Station 13...

100 Floor Challenge

  • Maria 13: Now, if you have an appointment with Mr. Z, I'd suggest you show up on time... Take the elevator to the 100th floor. He is waiting.