Maxi Missile (Back)

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Maxi Missile (Back)
This massive missile causes Fire damage and Radiation damage to power cores.
Level Required: 33
Equip Spot: Back Shoulder
Hits: 5
Damage: 12 - 14 None
Total Damage: 60 - 70 None
DPT: 65
DPE: 1.3
Energy Consumption: 50
Cooldown: 3 turn(s)
Location: Pirates(Weapons)
Price: 43,560 Credits
Sellback: 43,56 Credits
SC Needed: No
Notes: Each hit has a chance for "Damage Increased 5%", increases hit's damage by 5%.
  • 2nd hit has a chance for "Fire Ignites!", causes DoT for 3 turns.
85th hit has a chance for "Energy Core Breach!", causes EP DoT for 3 turns.