Maza Rella

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Maza Rella in front of Mecharoni's.




Pizza Defense


Mecharoni service model android. (Same model as Marza Pan.)

Important Text

Maza Rella: Welcome to Mecharoni Pizza, the best Pizza in the Universe! What can I make for you?

Maza Rella: <Your Character Name>! We have a <random pizza> ready for delivery!


Maza Rella: Soluna City is full of hungry GEARS University students. Fortunately Mecharoni Pizza delivers!

Maza Rella: The business is really competitive.

Maza Rella: Our main competitor, Rusty Rat sends their mecha to try and ambush our pilots.

Maza Rella: But if they want a slice of our business they are going to have to dish out a lot more! Our delivery pilots are a cut above the rest!

Suggest Pizza

Maza Rella: How about a... <random pizza>?

Pizzas suggested by Maza Rella

(Note: There is LOADS more than this, these are just a few)

Medium Chicken and Blue Cheese Pizza Slice

Star Lord's Yogurt and Onion Pizza

Space Pirate's Gum and Bat Pizza

Khan's Skunk and Chocolate Chip Square Pizza

Colossal Provolone and Ham Thick Crust Pizza

Mecha Pilot's Mathematically Sound Chocolate Chip and Pork Belly Pizza

Freshman's Bite Size Oatmeal and Tater Tot Pizza

Etc. Etc. Etc.