Midnight Rider

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Midnight Rider
A mecha modeled after the legendary Headless Horsemecha from Planet Mortis. It has a tendency to lose its head!.
Level Required: 28
Hit Points: 470
Energy Points: 397
Energy Regeneration: 14
Location: NG Headless
Price: 1,400 Nova Gems
Sellback: (needs info)
SC Needed: Nova
Notes: Resists immobility by 60%
Available Slots: Head/Front Shoulder/Back Shoulder/Body/Front Arm/Back Arm
Front Arm: Gulliotine Nightmare
Back Arm: Midnight Fist
Front Shoulder: Moonlight Laser (front)
Back Shoulder: Moonlight Laser (back)
Body: Midnight Threat
Head: Nightmarish Head

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