Mithril Aegis

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Mithril Aegis
The ultimate in shielding mecha tech! This exclusive Star Captain July 3009 mecha encases you in a metal shell of safety with the Star Aegis and other special features.
Level Required: 28
Hit Points: 455
Energy Points: 420
Energy Regeneration: 15
Location: Tek's Mechs
Price: 280,000 credits
Sellback: 28,000 credits
SC Needed: Yes
Notes: July monthly rare Mecha.
Available Slots: Head, Front Arm, Back Arm, Front Shoulder, Back Shoulder
Front Arm: Steel Aegis Slam
Back Arm: Steel T-Beam
Front Shoulder: Hi-Fi-Watt Laser (front)
Back Shoulder: Hi-Fi-Watt Laser (back)
Body: Steel Turbo Smash
Head: Steel S-Disruptor